March 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

I've seen this Awkward/Awesome Thursday thing on other blog, I hunted down the source {the daybook} and then linked up!  Sounds like fun! :)

yea, that's awkward....

-The girl at Hickory Park that was laughing so hard that she squealed...then us laughing so hard we were crying...then her table catching our before mentioned laugh frenzy.
-The teenagers that I thought were crying at a sad part in Hunger Games, but it turned out they were laughing.   yea.
-Trying to draw Florida in Draw didn't look right.  At all.
-Introducing myself and Brian to my mother's coworker and then her saying, yea I know who you are, I hear about you everyday! Haha! [I guess that's also kind of awesome...]
-Getting ourselves and Theo covered in burrs...and a few ticks.

-Finally finding a possible rental.  Pretty much the first one that will let me have Theo! Cross your fingers that it doesn't turn out to be a shack!
-Having dinner with my momma!  Instead of 4.5 hours away she was only 2!
-Starting back up my 5k training. 
-My new SPIbelt.  Seriously, if you run...this is an awesome accessory! It doesn't bounce around or anything and it's super small, but expands to fit your phone, keys, etc.
-Trying to concoct the perfect Moscow Mule on Saturday afternoon...along with the grilling and bags.
-Going Geo-caching and finding a really challenging one that was not in the correct place!

March 28, 2012

Syle Log: Thrifty Shirt Dress

 {Dress/Thrifted, maurices :: Cardi/Kohl’s :: Shoes/American Eagle via Payless}


I went thrifting a couple weeks ago...and it was probably one of my best haul’s ever. Along with the skirt in the Mad Men post I got this awesome dress! It was a size down, so I didn’t think it would fit, but it was so darn cute I just had to try it on. Boy, I’m glad I did. It’s great for work and it’s lightweight, so it will be perfect for those hot summer days. For now, I’m going with the layered route, leggings and cardi’s are good spring “transitioning” pieces.  

P.s.  Please excuse the wrinkles!!  This was an "I just worked 8 hrs and want to hurry up and take these pictures, so I can put on my sweats" photo shoot.  :P

March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Date Night :)

I'm sure by now you've at least heard of The Hunger Games.  It's a great book and has now been made into a movie.  I enjoyed the movie, but I will say the book was definitely better.  That's usually how it goes. :)   Anyway, okay, remember before how I posted on a Pizzeria date night...well after that Brian did a Medieval date night {it was awesome!}, so it was back to me.  Since we were going to see The Hunger Games movie on Friday, I thought...why not make it our themed date night for the month!  Yes, yes, I am a huge nerd, but it was fun and the food turned out awesome! :)

 Obviously, decorations are an important part of our themed date nights. :P  A large part of the Hunger Games takes place in the forest, so I tried to recreate a sort of abstract way.

The single white rose is symbolic for one of the characters, President Snow.

 The main character, Katniss Everdeen, sort of gets nick-named "The Girl On Fire"...hence my light decoration. :)

Next, the food!  Each item was chosen specifically and directly relates to the book.  I got these recipes from other bloggers and websites, so click the links for the recipes!

The Appetizers
Prim's Basil & Goat Cheese wraps that she left for Katniss before the Reaping.
Peeta's {burnt} Raisin & Nut bread that he gave to Katniss when they were younger and her family was starving. 

 Drink Special
The Cinna - This is not a drink but rather based on a character.  It has vodka, balsamic vinegar, sugar and strawberries.  Sounds weird, but I liked it!  Brian did

 Main Course
Katniss' lunch with Cinna - Chicken in orange sauce, over rice.  Pea's and onions and biscuits {that are supposed to be flower shaped, but I wasn't that ambitious!}

Last but not least, Peeta's Apple & Goat Cheese Tart.  I've never had a tart before, but this thing is delish!!  I'll definitely be making this again!

After all this crazy goodness we headed to the movie,which again I will say was good not great.  I had really high expectations, which was silly.  I just felt the movie was geared toward the teenie boppers, who by the way would not shut the heck up during the movie. Grr.  Anyway, I still think the movie is good enough to warrant a theater viewing!

Have a good Monday!

March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Smile! :)

My posting has been less than spectacular this week, but next week I will get back into the swing of things. I even have outfit photos anxiously waiting to be seen! I did some super sweet thrifting recently, so you’ll be seeing some of that, actually you already did...the zebra skirt in my last post! I’ve been feeling mentally and emotionally drained lately...and no, don’t worry! No reason, just super busy in life and work, runs ya down sometimes. So in light of that, this installment Friday Favorites will be random things that inspire me and make me smile. :D

Okay, this is less random and more personal, but these two guys make me smile more than anything else. :)
I love me a cute giraffe! :)

see, so cute!

This is one sexy man.  So, sexy.

nice sentiment, pretty art.

this is super cool!

Hm. Exactly.

 OMG, cutest thing ever. Lol

And let me just leave you one more....



March 21, 2012

Style Log: Hunger Mad Men Games :)

{Top/a.n.a via JC Penny :: Skirt/Thrifted :: Tights/Kmart :: Shoes/JC Penny}

When I put this outfit on I felt like I was channeling Joan Harris {Christina Hendricks} from Mad Men.  You know, but without all the sexy curves.  I think it's the cut of the skirt that seems "retro" to me.

Anyway, I apologize for the mini hiatus, it was unintentional.  Life just gets crazy sometimes!  I went home for St. Pat's this past weekend - did you all have a good celebration?  Brian and I went, and we took some friends with us.  It turned out to be tons of fun {albeit exhausting}!!

In other news...who's excited for the Hunger Games movie on Friday?!   THIS GIRL!!  For real, sooo excited.  I'm even planning a themed date night for it!

Have a good Wednesday!

March 16, 2012

Recipe: Baked Breaded Peppers

So, a few weeks ago we went out to eat and had this breaded green peppers....and they were SO AMAZING! Now, I only just started eating peppers within the last 6 months or so, but I’ll try just about anything if it’s fried. Of course...fried = unhealthy. Plus, I don’t usually do any frying at home, it makes me nervous...all that oil, I’m afraid I’ll catch my house on fire! I decided that I should try to bread and bake them like I do with fish and chicken. They turned out really yummy, however the fried ones from the restaurant were crispy and these ones were softer. I searched the internet high and low for a recipe or anything to get tips on how to keep the cripsy, but no luck. Regardless, these are still fantastic and a great side for grill night!! :)

Bake Breaded Peppers

You Need:
Green peppers {2 large peppers made about 3 servings}
Butter, melted
Seasoned and/or Wheat Breadcrumbs
Cooking Spray

You Do:
1. Slice the peppers. You can slice them however you want, but I left the pepper whole and just sliced a cross section. If you take out the seeds first, your pepper will collapse on you. So, the second pepper I sliced it first and then cleaned out the innards, which worked much better!

2. Melt some butter - I think I used 2-3 tablespoons. And mix up the breadcrumbs in a dish or bowl. I used regular seasoned and wheat bread crumbs. You could also probably use some panko...that might actually make a thicker crust if you wanted it.

3. Cover a baking sheet in foil and spray it down with cooking spray. Preheat oven to 350.

4. Take a pepper slice, dip it in the butter covering it completely. Then, coat it in the bread crumbs. Lay the slice on the covered baking sheet. Repeat this until all peppers are coated.

5. Cook the peppers. I think I cooked mine for 7-10 minutes on each side. Which probably accounts for their lack of crisp. I think I may put the oven hotter next time and just cook for 5 min, then flip and cook for another 5. Basically, just cook them until the breading is golden brown!

Enjoy! Be sure to let me know if you try this!! :) 

Also...still have an ad giveaway over at Eternal Optimist's blog!!  Ad will be 150x150 AND if you don't have a button I'll make one for you! :)

March 14, 2012

Style Log: Breezy Afternoons

{Top/Kmart :: Jacket/Kohl's :: Jeans/Thrifted, Gap :: Shoes/Sonoma via Kohl's :: Scarf/Walmart}

Yes, it was a breezy, but beautiful, afternoon.  And by breezy I mean windy.  And by windy, I mean crazy insane wind that nearly knocked me over numerous times.  Brian actually took these photos for me, he still doesn't quite "get" the taking outfit photos thing, but he was a good sport! :P We attempted to grill later that night, even with the wind we got it done!  By the time our beer butt chicken was done {lol} we decided to eat inside, but it was super yummy!

Oh and also...I have a giveaway over at Eternal Optimist's blog today, so go check it out!! :D

March 13, 2012

27 before 28 Update :)

Since it’s been a few months, I thought it would be fun to take a minute or two and see how I’m coming on my 27 before 28. Then, I decided I would also share it with you...because I am indeed making some progress! Before I get to that though, I’ve made a couple mini goals for March! 

1. Run/Walk 35 miles. Now that I’ve done my jogging a few times, I think that may actually be low, but I do have shin splits, so who knows...

2. Do at least one of the artsy projects I’ve pinned!! {make a terrarium perhaps??} 

3. Work on my photography!!! Gah...maybe get Ch. 2 done of that book... 

Okay, on to the list....dun Dun DUN! 

1. Lose 15 lbs. - I’ve lost 5 lbs so far and kept it off! 

2. Exercise Regularly - January & February weren’t great, I exercised, but not regularly. I know it’s barely March, but I made a schedule and for the most part I’m sticking to it! 

3. Organize Crafts - Last month I cleaned up the room and re arranged furniture. At least guests can sleep in there now! 

4. Book 5 paying photo gigs. - My friend’s little sister has been inquiring about prices and such for her senior photos, so it’s a start! 

5. Save moolah! - I’m doing much better about this, but I still need to work at it. 

6. Do one craft project each month! - In January I made a 3 tiered jewelery tray and an apron from an old dress. In February I made some t shirt bracelets and some loooove coupons, lol. And I want to make a terrarium, so maybe that’ll be my March project! 

7. Read through and do all the assignments in my portrait photography book. - Gah, I’ve read chapter one, but that’s it. 

8. Move in with Brian. - We have been looking for a place since january, like checking daily and weekly...NOTHING! Living in the boonies sucks! 

9. Stop using credit card. - I think I’ve used it maybe 2 or 3 times this year...and only on gas. So, much better! 

10. Find the perfect modern retro coffee table. - This is on hold [sort of] until we find a place to live. Or at least until summer garage sales start! 

11. Stick with my blog, tell friends and family about it! - Well, I told my mom and grandma! :P And a couple friends just sort of found that’s progress, right? lol 

12. Get abs/flat stomach - My stomach “pouch” is diminishing slightly, lol. I’ve been doing ab work on my stability ball, love it! 

13. Go to the Badlands with Brian, or any vacay... - Well, IF we go it will be a summer thing. However, we’ve discussed saving our money for moving and just taking a nice vacation next year {like down to new orleans!}. We have too many other family and friend mini vacays planned already, haha! 

14. Work on Theo’s behavior. - Unfortunately, this is a downer. He was growling and snapping at the air and such, so he’s been to the vet a couple of times. Currently, he is on some anti-seizure medication (b/c the doc thinks it’s all mild seizure activity). Hopefully it helps! 

15. Try a new recipe once a month! - I definitely have this covered, a couple of my favorites are the Cheeseburger Soup and turkey cucumber roll ups

16. Donate my hair! - Not time yet! 

17. Be brave and get those Warby Parker frame you want! - Done! [photo?] 

18. Make a dress. - Not yet! 

19. “Re Make” Blog. Logo? Headers for DIY, Style, Recipes, etc. - I have some rough ideas, but have yet to execute them! 

20. Read 15 books. - I’ve read three! The first two in the Sookie Stackhouse series {meh} - the tv show True Blood is better! And The Knife of Never Letting go by Patrick Ness.  I'm on my 4th now!

21. Write more letters. Aim for once a month. {I believe I changed this one, from the original} - Have yet to write any letters. Wait not true, I wrote Brian a love letter for Valentines, middle school style! 

22. Go to a Wild game! - The Season is almost over and we are busy, probably not going to happen until next season {still before my birthday!} 

23. Celebrate 1 year with Brian - do something special! - We just did, it was March 1st! Went to this hole in the wall restaurant that has FANTASTIC food {Unkies in Thor} and he got me chocolates from a local shop. Yum! 

24. Train for a 5k. - I have started doing this twice, hoping I stick with it this time! 

25. Take a dance class with Brian! Salsa? Swing? - I can’t find any nearby!! 

26. Create a photo book. Theme: Iowa Barns - I have taken some photos for this! 

27. Purge all closets. - I’ve started on my bedroom closet! So there you have it. Only completely finished with a couple, but some are ongoing and hey, it’s only March! :)

March 12, 2012

Music Monday: Forgotten?

This past Friday I was rocking out with Slacker Radio at work. Generally with Slacker {or Pandora} I’ll just type in an artist and go from there. However, this time preset stations caught my eye... “Great Songs You Forgot”!! It turned out to be pretty sweet! I mean, sure there were a few that I skipped over, but I think that there were only a couple I didn’t recognize. Either way, I was instantly taken back to my early high school days! Which I realize can be a mixed bag of emotions (haha!), but in this case it was fun and I definite was reminded of some great music I forgot about! So in light of that lovely afternoon, I thought I’d share a few favorites I heard!

So, I am slightly embarrassed to say that I thought this was a band name - I never realized this was just one dude! No doubt the song you will immediately remember is “Save Tonight" from his debut album “Desireless” (1997). And really, that’s the only song I remember. Although, I was checking out his website and he has released many albums, so I think I will have to do some more listening! Oh and cute story I read on wiki (so who knows...) - apparently he was named Eagle-Eye because when he first looked at his father, Don Cherry, it was with one eye closed. :)


Oh man, oh man. I LOVED this band in high school. Actually, wait back up...I have their album “All the Pain Money Can Buy” on CASSETTE TAPE. Yep! So...that may have been circa middle school for me, lol. You almost certainly of heard their song “The Way” which was apparently based on the disappearance of an elderly couple. Interesting. In any case, I loved that entire album...hmmf, I wish I still had a tape player. Or, maybe I should just buy the digital version, ha!


This band was super popular back in the day, what ever happened to them?  Apparently, they have been a band since 1992, that's crazy!  In '92 I would have been in second or third grade, lol.  Anyway, I really loved their song "Buddy Holly", but you also probably remember them for "The Sweater Song" and "Say it Ain't So".  They did release an album in 2010 of already recorded songs that they never used, probably worth checking out!

March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites: Random Love!

This Friday Favorites is just a hodge podge of stuff I'm loving lately.  Enjoy!
(all images are links to pinterest info!)

vintage style. love those heels.

simple sketch, but so beautiful.

need this on my wall!

I am loving terrariums right now....

We are planning on making these next weekend.

love a platform bed!

this is inspiring, but all makes me sad.

gorgeous!  I think this could be diy'd small scale, eh?

so true.



Happy Friday!!

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