December 22, 2011

DIY: Wood Slice Picture Frame

I saw this frame on and thought, wow I could totally make that! So this is my version, it’s a pretty easy and quick DIY and it turns out really awesome! Now I should give a little disclaimer, I say it’s quick and easy, but my father cut all of the wood for me and then actually mailed it to me [as we live quite far apart]. How nice was that? Thanks Dad!!

Photo is mine, of my grandfather.

What You Need:
Sticks to cut up, or already sliced sticks/wood
Hot glue gun and glue
Picture frame

What You Do:

1. First you need to slice up your wood. Decide on a thickness and try to stick close to that. I believe I had my father cut mine between ¼ and ½ of an inch.

2. Lay out the slices on your frame. Mine kept slipping off, but it definitely helped. It gave me a starting point. I had to adjust and improvise near the end, but I definitely recommend laying them out a bit to help get you started.

3. Start gluing them on! I used hot glue, but I’m sure there are better glue you could use. Hot glue has a bad rep of popping off [I think], but it’s what I had available and honestly it worked fine.

See! Super easy! I have some left over wood slices, so I’m trying to think up some ways to use them. I’m thinking maybe some coasters for my Dad’s bar? Should be pretty easy, some felt, some cardboard and more glue! :)


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