April 13, 2012

Friday Favorites: Ink Inspiration

I know I've done a Friday Favs on tattoos before, but I love 'em!  Besides, this post isn't just tattoos I like, these are all tattoos I'm pulling inspiration from.  I'm hoping to get a new one by the end of the summer (but who knows really :P)!

Oh and on a very important side note...today is my beautiful mother's birthday!!


Source: tumblr.com via Kassie on Pinterest

*I've been toying with the idea of starting a sleeve for the last couple years, I just don't know where to start!  I like this abstract design. :)*

*Not only do I Love the above quote, I love the design.  It's simple and delicate and also very lovely*

*"Oh what a mess, but everything amends" - apparently this quote is from a song [that I don't know] and I love it.*

*Simplicity.  Love the location and the words*

*LOVE this.  I believe I will be getting a similar tattoo at some point, but not this location*

*MAPS!  I will definitely have a map tattoo at some point...and I do like this location, but I'm not sure for work*

*Another, gah love the idea of the map! But I think I would like some shading in it...*

*More map love!  And I really like this location.  Hmm....*

*Love this!  I really want a giraffe tattoo and this is an interesting idea.*

*great quote, great font*

*I've been wanting a white wrist tattoo for a while.  But I like the idea of having someone I love write the word and using their handwriting for it. Most recently I'm thinking about having my mom write "strength" for me. :)*


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