March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Date Night :)

I'm sure by now you've at least heard of The Hunger Games.  It's a great book and has now been made into a movie.  I enjoyed the movie, but I will say the book was definitely better.  That's usually how it goes. :)   Anyway, okay, remember before how I posted on a Pizzeria date night...well after that Brian did a Medieval date night {it was awesome!}, so it was back to me.  Since we were going to see The Hunger Games movie on Friday, I thought...why not make it our themed date night for the month!  Yes, yes, I am a huge nerd, but it was fun and the food turned out awesome! :)

 Obviously, decorations are an important part of our themed date nights. :P  A large part of the Hunger Games takes place in the forest, so I tried to recreate a sort of abstract way.

The single white rose is symbolic for one of the characters, President Snow.

 The main character, Katniss Everdeen, sort of gets nick-named "The Girl On Fire"...hence my light decoration. :)

Next, the food!  Each item was chosen specifically and directly relates to the book.  I got these recipes from other bloggers and websites, so click the links for the recipes!

The Appetizers
Prim's Basil & Goat Cheese wraps that she left for Katniss before the Reaping.
Peeta's {burnt} Raisin & Nut bread that he gave to Katniss when they were younger and her family was starving. 

 Drink Special
The Cinna - This is not a drink but rather based on a character.  It has vodka, balsamic vinegar, sugar and strawberries.  Sounds weird, but I liked it!  Brian did

 Main Course
Katniss' lunch with Cinna - Chicken in orange sauce, over rice.  Pea's and onions and biscuits {that are supposed to be flower shaped, but I wasn't that ambitious!}

Last but not least, Peeta's Apple & Goat Cheese Tart.  I've never had a tart before, but this thing is delish!!  I'll definitely be making this again!

After all this crazy goodness we headed to the movie,which again I will say was good not great.  I had really high expectations, which was silly.  I just felt the movie was geared toward the teenie boppers, who by the way would not shut the heck up during the movie. Grr.  Anyway, I still think the movie is good enough to warrant a theater viewing!

Have a good Monday!

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