March 23, 2012

Friday Favorites: Smile! :)

My posting has been less than spectacular this week, but next week I will get back into the swing of things. I even have outfit photos anxiously waiting to be seen! I did some super sweet thrifting recently, so you’ll be seeing some of that, actually you already did...the zebra skirt in my last post! I’ve been feeling mentally and emotionally drained lately...and no, don’t worry! No reason, just super busy in life and work, runs ya down sometimes. So in light of that, this installment Friday Favorites will be random things that inspire me and make me smile. :D

Okay, this is less random and more personal, but these two guys make me smile more than anything else. :)
I love me a cute giraffe! :)

see, so cute!

This is one sexy man.  So, sexy.

nice sentiment, pretty art.

this is super cool!

Hm. Exactly.

 OMG, cutest thing ever. Lol

And let me just leave you one more....



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