August 29, 2012

Style Log: Coral Shirts & Charcoal Skirts

{top/thrifted :: skirt/jc penny, old :: heels/target}

Another style post and I’m rocking the sock bun. Meh, whatever. I like it. I don’t love this outfit the way I thought I did, now that I see the photos. Oh well :)

Okay, so help me out here. Take a look at my outfit. Go ahead I’ll wait. ….

Do you think this is work appropriate? Okay, so maybe you are like “Well, Kassie it depends on where you work.”. Alright, I work in an office setting. Hell, I’ll go one further (since I’m sure I mentioned it before), I work for a county, in the courthouse (but not for the court!). I know I’ve said similar things before and probably will again, but why is it such a huge deal when I “dress up” for work? For the past year I probably averaged wearing a skirt & heels combo (which is how my coworkers define dressing up) 2 times a week, maybe more. Yet there is always someone who makes a comment.

I will admit that the tone of office attire is generally a bit casual....actually, I think it’s getting too casual. I’ve been here four years now and I feel like a handful of people just push and push the dress code, but that’s just my personal opinion. On second thought, I did wear my colored jeans to work on a maybe I’m guilty of it too? I still don’t think wearing the above outfit should cause a fuss. I feel I look office appropriate. It’s modest and presents a professional image, again in my opinion.

See the way people react to my “dressing up” isn’t always positive. Often yes, but just as often their reaction is one that makes me feel like I should be feeling embarrassed over my outfit. What the what?? It’s those underhanded comments that are trying to pass as a compliment, you know what I mean. Or I’ll get the plain, “You’re dressed up today.” Period. Flat face, blank stare. should I respond to that? I’m actually asking you btw, because I haven’t a clue. This actually happened the other day when one coworker said she wanted to wear more dresses and another told her not to start that. I asked why, because I wear them all the time. Coworker 2 snaps, yea I know. Blank stare.

Getting down to the core of this, I know I shouldn’t care what people think about something so trivial, but it does play at my insecurities. Which is a tad upsetting and frustrating. Sure maybe someone doesn’t like what I’m wearing, but do they have to tell me? Can’t they just let me walk around happy thinking I look great? (unless of course I have toilet paper on my shoe, have tucked my dress into my tights, or have spilled food on the front of me, then please tell me! ha!)

I don’t know, I just think that (and this next thought applies to life in general) instead of tearing each other down or playing on others insecurities shouldn’t we be supportive and help build each other up?

xo, kass 

August 27, 2012

Last night is still ringing in my head...

"Last night is still ringing in my head like that lonesome whistle in the rain" - Ben Harper

That simple line carries so much weight.  It can mean so much.

Ben Harper...yum.  TMI?  I don't care.  Not only is this man uber sexy he's an amazing musician.  I love his voice and I love his sound.  I'm starting to realize one of my favorite styles of music is blues rock...or maybe that's not what's its called.  I haven't a clue, but I enjoy a bluesy vibe.

Oh, also did you know that he is married to that blonde chick from Jurassic park?  Laura Dern, or sorta married.  According to wiki they are having troubles, sorry Ben.  :/

I also really love the lyrics to his songs.  Amazing.

I'm tired, so stop reading my silly words and just enjoy.

If you asked me to name my top 5 favorites songs, that one would be in it.  In fact, I'd probably name it by #3.

I would rather find out who you are than who you're not. - Ben Harper


xo, kass

August 24, 2012

Photo Shoot : Elise

I had my first paid photo shoot two weekends ago and it was awesome! I got a taste of what it feels like making money doing something that you have a passion for. It’s pretty sweet and has me thinking of all sorts of ways to actually make it lucrative enough that maybe I’d be able to change my work situation in a few years. ::fingers crossed::

Anyway, Elise is a little sister of my friend and she contacted me about 6 months ago to do her senior photos. Then a few weeks ago she asked if we could do some in her Kimono this summer and do the rest in the fall. Of course I said yes! Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots! Also, the kimono isn’t random - she comes from a military family and was born on a base in Japan. :)

Don't forget to be a fan! :)

Have a great weekend!
xo, kass

August 22, 2012

Style Log: Yellow Teal Color Blocked

  [top/chico, thrifted :: jeans/mossimo via target :: shoes/so, from mom]

Man, it’s been a long time since I did an outfit post. In all honestly, I’ve just been too hot to care. It’s so hard to dress for hot outside/freezing in the office weather. It usually resulted in my grabbing the nearest sweater not always cute. I did have a few cute outfits though! Cute [and out of the box, for me] enough that I want to recreate them for the blog, so I’ll be doing that soon, hopefully.

So, how do you like my sweet ass color blocking? I absolutely love this shirt! Got it at a second hand shop up in Spirit Lake, it’s so comfy and so pretty. I’m also loving my color jeans - they are “dressy” enough to wear to work and I lost enough weight that I had to buy them size down. It was pretty exciting. :)

Oh, and yes that is a sock bun. It was harder than I thought to get up, damn layers. I think with some more practice though that it will become a workday’s just so cute and office appropriate. Or at least I think it is.

[btw, got some crazy freckle action happening, lol]

Speaking of hair and what’s appropriate, how do you all feel about pigtails?  
I saw this status post and feed on facebook and it was straight up some shallow, cruel, shit...hatin’ on pigtails. I’ve been rocking the double braids a lot this summer. I mean, I don’t do the high up pig-pony tails like a little girl, but I’ll do low loose ones, or two buns. What’s so wrong with that? The feed was going on about how childish it was and people should just grow up already. I hardly think wearing your hair in pigtails says much (if anything) about your maturity level. And if it does, well...I [the pigtail wearer] wasn’t the one gossiping and being a straight up rude about a stranger’s hair style. :)

xo, kass

August 21, 2012

Me, Myself & I - Link Up Party!

1) What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Pursue a life of art and travel. Specifically, photography - with National Geographic. Dream job right there folks.

2) If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
Quit my job, ha. No, but seriously. Quit my job and spend 3-4 months travelling and seeing the world and spend the last couple months at home with my family. [assuming I could afford it, but in this hypothetical I CAN! ha!]

3) If a front page news article was written on you, what would the headline be?
"LOCAL REDHEAD RIDES GIRAFFE OUT OF ZOO" hahahahaha! Idk, but that would be sweet.

4) What is your biggest pet peeve?
People not actually listening, when they say they are. {ahem, most boyfriends/husbands out there} Generally, I don’t interrupt while someone is watching tv or doing something else, but if if I do it’s because I have something that you need to know for whatever reason. When said person tells me or implies that they are aware of my presence and voice and are listening to me...and then just don’t. GAR. I hate repeating myself.

5) What is your favorite chick flick movie?
Oooo, good one. How ever can I choose? I own several movies that could be put in the chick flick category, but could also be put in other categories. SO, I’m going strictly Chick-FlicksThat-ONLY-Girls-Would-Ever-Want-To-See Category.
Okay, here it is... 

Legally Blonde.

Don’t judge me, I’m allowed guilty pleasures.

xo, kass 

August 20, 2012

Latest Obsession: Lana Del Rey

Okay, so I’m back for good. I was contemplating not blogging anymore, BUT I changed my mind. I just have to remind myself to not feel guilty or stressed or bugged or whatever if I miss some posts here and there. And to help with that, I will be abolishing Music Mondays, Friday Fotos, etc etc. Well, not completely. I’ll probably still share music with you on some mondays (I am today!), and favorites/photos with you some fridays, but I’m also leaving those days open for whatever else I want...allowing the blog to morph and grow a bit. I like planning, but planning with a looser structure will be better for me. So, moving on... 

I just discovered Lana Del Rey last week. I was on Amazon and I think she popped up because of something else I’d bought or listened to, or I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t even care I’m just glad I found her. She’s a-ma-zing. I have been listening to her non stop, I literally listened to her new album 2-4 times everyday last week. I’m not even sure how to explain her sound. Mainly, because I’m not a music expert (ha), but also because it’s unique. Wiki uses the word “cinematic”. I think there’s a definite 60s/70s feel to her music. I’d also describe many of her songs as...haunting. Her lyrics are pretty great too. Enjoy.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous. 

Some videos for your viewing pleasure!

August 14, 2012

Sorry :(

Sorry for my lack of posting.  I've been super busy and pretty unmotivated when it comes to the blog. 

I'm going to take the rest of the week to think things over and I'll be back Monday back as usual...or with a different path in mind.

Enjoy the week and weekend. :)

xo, kassie

August 8, 2012

Weddings & Weightloss

 [this photo sums up the night! :)]

Two weekends ago, Brian’s sister got married! It was an awesome weekend and an awesome wedding! I had a blast hanging out with Brian’s niece/nephew and many cousins! I don’t know, I have such a small family that it’s fun being accepted into a much larger one. And talking about being accepted, Megan (Brian’s sis) actually put me in several of the wedding photos. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but you don’t just put some random girl in your wedding photos. WHICH is why being included in them made me feel pretty awesome. It’s nice to be considered family...and not some random girlfriend. :P

Okay, moving forward to a different topic. Last Monday, I hopped on the scale and closed my eyes. I was completely dreading its response, because every time we are gone for a weekend all our hard work goes down the shitter. However, most likely due to all the tennis playing between events AND crazy ass dancing at the reception I seem to have lost more weight. Go me!! I’m going to go ahead and let things get real honest and give you a peek into my weightloss journey. Why? Because many of us have some sort of “weight loss/get healthy” story and I think it’s nice to share and know you’re not alone. So...

[see, bone-y chicah.  This is from senior prom, 2003.  Yes, I wore camo to my prom...ha]

I was always thin. Not because I didn’t eat. I mean I was picky, but that had nothing to do with it. I’m guessing it had to do with genetics (mom is thin, brother is a stick!) and just being an active kid. Then I got older, moved out and had a horrible diet like many college kids...oh and add the beer/booze. Ha, All that + less activities + a handful of break ups (why do girls result to eating then??) + slowing metabolism = chubby girl. My highest weight came after college when I first moved away AWAY from home. It was horrible. I was used to being able to eat whatever the hell I wanted without any visible consequences. The food fairy’s had finally had enough. I think my worst was in 2008/09 and I was 168-170. Gah. I’m only 5’4”, so that was just not good.

[Left: August 2008 around my highest weight;  Right:  July 2012, eating healthy stirfry and "Glamping"!]

Finally, I joined Weight Watchers Online and it worked! I lost about 18-20 lbs and kept it off for about a year or so. Then I gained some back, for the next few years I sort of hovered around 150, give or take a couple lbs. Then this year I thought enough is enough and I’ve finally reached ONE of my goals. I weigh under 140 lbs. 139.5 to be exact, ha! It feels really good and is actually pretty motivating. My final goal weight is 130, but really at this point (since I am in my healthy BMI) I just want to tone up the flab! And I know I'm not "skinny", but I don't think I ever want to be super thin like I used to.  I feel like I look healthy, and it suits me just fine!

Anyway, just sharing. :) I have a pretty extensive “Fitness” folder on pinterest if you are needing ideas or motivation for yourself!

So what’s your story? Have any great workout routines or moves you want to share?? :)


August 6, 2012

Music FUNday!

Have ya’all been listening to the amazing bandFUN?

I can’t get enough of them! Seriously, they are the definition of “perfect summertime music”! Also, my friend informed me that the lead singer, Nate Ruess, is from The Format (which is another band I enjoyed).

Anyway, have some Fun. on this tired Monday. :)

The first time I saw this video is when I was finding it for this post - it is not at all what I was expecting!

What’s with the cereal? Ha, love it!


P.S. Oh man, sorry for the hiatus! Everyday last week I meant to post, but we’ve just been so freakin busy, which resulted in me being exhausted. Thus the week off. To be honest, it was needed, BUT I’m back now. :)
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