August 27, 2012

Last night is still ringing in my head...

"Last night is still ringing in my head like that lonesome whistle in the rain" - Ben Harper

That simple line carries so much weight.  It can mean so much.

Ben Harper...yum.  TMI?  I don't care.  Not only is this man uber sexy he's an amazing musician.  I love his voice and I love his sound.  I'm starting to realize one of my favorite styles of music is blues rock...or maybe that's not what's its called.  I haven't a clue, but I enjoy a bluesy vibe.

Oh, also did you know that he is married to that blonde chick from Jurassic park?  Laura Dern, or sorta married.  According to wiki they are having troubles, sorry Ben.  :/

I also really love the lyrics to his songs.  Amazing.

I'm tired, so stop reading my silly words and just enjoy.

If you asked me to name my top 5 favorites songs, that one would be in it.  In fact, I'd probably name it by #3.

I would rather find out who you are than who you're not. - Ben Harper


xo, kass

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