August 29, 2012

Style Log: Coral Shirts & Charcoal Skirts

{top/thrifted :: skirt/jc penny, old :: heels/target}

Another style post and I’m rocking the sock bun. Meh, whatever. I like it. I don’t love this outfit the way I thought I did, now that I see the photos. Oh well :)

Okay, so help me out here. Take a look at my outfit. Go ahead I’ll wait. ….

Do you think this is work appropriate? Okay, so maybe you are like “Well, Kassie it depends on where you work.”. Alright, I work in an office setting. Hell, I’ll go one further (since I’m sure I mentioned it before), I work for a county, in the courthouse (but not for the court!). I know I’ve said similar things before and probably will again, but why is it such a huge deal when I “dress up” for work? For the past year I probably averaged wearing a skirt & heels combo (which is how my coworkers define dressing up) 2 times a week, maybe more. Yet there is always someone who makes a comment.

I will admit that the tone of office attire is generally a bit casual....actually, I think it’s getting too casual. I’ve been here four years now and I feel like a handful of people just push and push the dress code, but that’s just my personal opinion. On second thought, I did wear my colored jeans to work on a maybe I’m guilty of it too? I still don’t think wearing the above outfit should cause a fuss. I feel I look office appropriate. It’s modest and presents a professional image, again in my opinion.

See the way people react to my “dressing up” isn’t always positive. Often yes, but just as often their reaction is one that makes me feel like I should be feeling embarrassed over my outfit. What the what?? It’s those underhanded comments that are trying to pass as a compliment, you know what I mean. Or I’ll get the plain, “You’re dressed up today.” Period. Flat face, blank stare. should I respond to that? I’m actually asking you btw, because I haven’t a clue. This actually happened the other day when one coworker said she wanted to wear more dresses and another told her not to start that. I asked why, because I wear them all the time. Coworker 2 snaps, yea I know. Blank stare.

Getting down to the core of this, I know I shouldn’t care what people think about something so trivial, but it does play at my insecurities. Which is a tad upsetting and frustrating. Sure maybe someone doesn’t like what I’m wearing, but do they have to tell me? Can’t they just let me walk around happy thinking I look great? (unless of course I have toilet paper on my shoe, have tucked my dress into my tights, or have spilled food on the front of me, then please tell me! ha!)

I don’t know, I just think that (and this next thought applies to life in general) instead of tearing each other down or playing on others insecurities shouldn’t we be supportive and help build each other up?

xo, kass 

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