October 25, 2012

Just a couple weeks

...and then I'll be back.  Life is hectic and a bit stressful...for no apparent reason.  Still, I feel exhausted and busy and overwhelmed.  Seriously, there are not enough hours in the day!  I know we all feel like this from time to time, it just happens.

So, I'm going to take a mini hiatus to get some shit on my to-do list done and get some things in order.  I'll be back the first monday of november...so not long. try not to miss me :P

and have a great halloween!!! :)

xoxo, kass

October 23, 2012

Book Lovin' [part 1]

I think I’ve mentioned before that I use a site called Goodreads. If you’re a big reader, this is a great site. It has a great database and just helps you keep track of what you've read, what you did and didn't like and what books you might enjoy (recommendations). I also really enjoy the ratings system and other member’s reviews. Ultimately, if I really want to read a book I’m going to regardless of the reviews, but they often help in deciding what to read next.

Anyway, enough rambling. On this site they have this Reading Challenge thing where basically you set a goal of how many books you want to read in a year. You “log” in your books and it keeps track for you, telling you how far behind or ahead you are. Well, this year I set a goal of 15 books, which is either a lot or a little depending on how often you read. It was more than I've ever read in a year before (that I’m aware of), but still seemed attainable. Guess what? I reached my goal with a couple months to spare. :) Might sound silly, but I’m totally proud of myself.

So, are you curious what I've been reading? Sure ya are!

 Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness
*the three primary works.

Oh man, I don’t even know what to say about this series. I felt so up and down about it. Feel free to read my reviews, but I know there is a spoiler on the first one. Let me just say this about the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go, I honestly have never felt so pissed off and angry after finishing a book. I was so angry that I wasn't planning on finishing the series, I even read two other books in the interim. I picked up the second book for two reasons 1) the two books I read in between sucked and 2) I figured if a writer could evoke such strong emotions from me then I should probably continue on. Ultimately, I think I’m glad I read the series, but I think another reviewer said it best when the whole book is basically about hope, but Ness never really gives us any. I honestly felt very hopeless while reading this series and often heard myself mumble, “damn, can’t he give these people a break?”.
Ha, so yea...read or don’t read, I don’t know. :/

 Sookie Stackhouse Series

Don’t waste your time on these. I am a big fan of the show (although, this past season wasn't my fav) and so I received these as a gift. I know I read the first two for sure and I’m pretty sure I started a third, but I just couldn't get into it. The show is leagues better...and the quality of writing in these books is low.

Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson

Okay, it took me starting the first book three separate times over the past year or two before I actually read it. I’m not going to lie, it’s slow going at first, but don’t give up! It’s totally worth it, promise! I’ll also say that Larsson’s writing is a bit overly detailed and wordy at time, but I just skimmed when I felt necessary. The stories have a nice flow and had me captivated. They build up to the pivoting parts where intense and exciting. The second book was my favorite and the third was easily my least favorite. Definitely read these!

Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Ross

First two books of the Divergent series, the third one is set to be out next year I think. If you liked Hunger Games, you’ll like these! It’s different, but the same. These are both easy, but exciting reads. There’s lots of action and a little young love, lol. Although, I often kept forgetting how young the characters were, because they often felt much older to me. Anyway, I’d recommend this to dystopian fans!

Okay, more on the rest later.  
xo, kass

October 17, 2012

Life Lately

A couple of my fav bloggers (Julie & Elizabeth) do this life lately thing, jumping on the bandwagon!

Just started High Fidelity by Nick Hornby. It's one of my favorite movies, so I figured I should read it. Book and movie differ a bit already, which isn't a huge surprise, but the names basic plot is still there, I like it. :)

Well it's fall, so the shows I like, such as The Voice, Parks & Rec, Glee and a couple others. But also political debates, which...>gag< but I still watch them for some reason ::coughBriancough:: I know politics is a taboo topic, but let me just say I do think it's important to vote IF you are going to be an educated voter - which is what I try to be. I did already vote though, so I suppose the debates are null for me at this point. :P Oh, AND I have about 5 episodes of Ally McBeal left on Netflix...gah, LOVE that show!

Listening to...
Of Monsters & Men, Alabama Shakes & Lana Del Ray. At least these are the lovelies frequenting my playlist most often.

Working on...
Getting my shit together with...everything. I want to blog more often because it makes me happy, but I also have tons of other stuff I want to do. We are trying to eat/cook healthier and I'm working on exercising more often.  The latter isn't happening much with my long work days, I know no excuses! I'm also been trying to work on a family recipe book. If I can get it done it'll make fantastic gifts this season.

about our broken dryer! Seriously, wtf! Here's to hoping our landlord will replace it, ::fingerscrossed::

+the fall weather, omg. I can't get over it, even with the rain this weekend it was beautiful. 
+my new tshirt from RAYGUN -- "The Quad Cities : twice as nice as the twin cities." Lol, okay if you aren't from Iowa that might not even make sense! 
+halloween ideas - can't wait to dish on our costumes, but I'm gonna make you wait!

my shirt//brian's shirt//the red monk//view from hotel

my dog is his costume, ha // brian & i before the bill maher show

xoxo, kass

October 16, 2012

Me, Myself & I :)

1--What is your favorite season? Explain. 
+Fall, hands down. I love the colors, the clothes and the food. And I can't explain it, but I feel like a sort of excitement fills the air. :) 
me and my little brother this summer, lol

 2--Talk about a moment that changed your life? 
+ Meeting Brian has definitely changed my life. He's amazing. Moving when I was a child definitely changed my life, for the better I think. My brother being born definitely changed my life. Again, all of these for the better. :) It's really hard for me to just pick one moment, because I feel like there are several moments that were an important part of shaping who I am today. 

3--If you could be any Crayola crayon color, what would you be & why? 
+ Avocado green. I don't know why, I just like it. :) 

 4--Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?
+Ha, honestly I have no clue how to answer this question...ummmm... okay. Superpower: teleportation -- Name: Ms. Porter ??? ha, Idk. Sidekick: My loyal canine companion, Tele HA. I'm horrible at this game. :P  
5--If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop? 
+Target [love the clothes and it would cover my beauty, food and general household needs], Amazon.com [for all that other random shit I think I want/need but can't get at Target] annnnnd etsy.com!!

October 10, 2012

Good Intentions

I always have good intentions...but bad follow through. I wonder if this makes me an unreliable person? Sometimes, probably. I keep meaning to write a blog, but then I just don’t. Time gets away from me so quickly, so easily. I keep meaning to work on some holiday gifts, but then I get sidetracked. I keep meaning to work on my skirt, but then I think I don’t have enough time to complete it, so I don’t start it.


I need to work on my follow through.

I writing this blog earlier in the day and I am going to promise myself that I’ll post it when I get home. [See, totally did it!]. Since I feel like I’ve been a little MIA, why don’t I take this time to update you on my life? Because I know we are all best friends and you do care. :P

Last weekend we went up to Wisconsin to visit Brian’s mother. Holy moly it was cold...and it even snowed on us a smidge. Just a smidge, but still. While we were there she took us to an apple festival, again cold, but fun! I wish I had more pictures, but alas I do not. I think I have some on my actual camera, I’ll have to look soon...ha.

 Aren’t we cute all bundled up? Btw, there is rum in that cider and even though my boot broke right after this (unrelated to the booze!) it was super, super yummy! The fall colors up there were gorgeous. Apparently many of the leaves had already fallen, but I couldn’t tell. His mom sort of lives in the middle of nowhere...actually she lives in a national forest (which I had no clue you could do) and it’s just insanely pretty and peaceful. Sure there are houses and a few bars, restaurants and lodges around the lake, but there is just so much nature that is untouched by man. It has a completely different feeling and I like it. I definitely wouldn’t mind living somewhere like that, at least for a few years. I’m sure I’d get bored with it eventually, but it’s just so amazing to see nature at it’s finest like that. I really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I’m going to go enjoy the cool outdoors before it gets dark. I have a walk date with Brian & Theo.

Oh and here’s two more photos just cause. My cute shoes and my cute dog! :)

  p.s. those shoes were $9.99 at kmart - and I used my kmart dollars or whatever, so they were really only $6. AWESOME!

xo, kass

October 5, 2012

Model Session: Missy

Quick, which celebrity does she look like??

Lauren Graham?  aka. Lorelei Gilmore?  Why yes, yes she does look like Lorelei.  :)
Seriously, they could be related.

Anyway, my good friend Missy was kind enough to model for me.  And she's a great model!  Not only is she gorgeous, but she was patient and willing to do whatever I asked.  It was awesome!  These are some of my favorite shots to date.



Pretty, right? 

Okay, well I'm off to Wisconsin for the weekend! 
Have a great one!
xo, kass

October 3, 2012

SL: That Fall Feeling

[cardigan/old navy :: sweater/f21 :: cords/kohl's :: boots/target :: necklace/modcloth]

Ohmygosh, I love fall weather.  I know everyone and their brother keeps saying that, but I can't help it.  It's just so wonderfully cool outside.  Not cold, cool.  Perfect.

I've been sitting here trying to write an interesting blog, but my mind is totally blank.  
So here...look at this photo of my dog flashing you. 

Haha, but otherwise isn't he adorable?! :)

On a separate note, I'm really trying to get organized and figure out a way to make photography a lucrative hobby.  I'm a transplant to my current town and I don't work here - so I don't know many people.  I have some ideas for marketing online...but I'm also thinking an ad in the local paper might be in order.

What do you think? Any ideas?

xo, kassie

October 1, 2012

October Goals

Every month I tend to write out a goal list...or at least I have been doing this for the past few months. Now, I never finish everything on the list (I have better intentions than actual follow through), but I always accomplish a few of the points. At the very least, it keeps me focused and helps me “wander” less (not that wandering is a bad thing!). I thought it might keep me even more accountable if I shared them with you. I do have the 27 before 28 list, but I think that’s too long term for me. I seem to do better with these month to months (although I have knocked some items off my big list!).


This month I'd like to...
+Make a maxi skirt
+Finish Elise’s & Zach’s senior portraits
+Take steps to get more photo gigs
+Make progress on Family Recipe book - aim for 50% finished
+Workout 3x a week [walk theo- maybe take a zumba class?!]
+Work on new photography and blogger logos
+Start holiday shopping (and saving for holiday shopping)
+Go to a pumpkin patch! …& carve pumpkins with Brian!
+Celebrate Halloween

For the record, I have the fabric for my skirt in the wash as we speak AND in a couple weekends I'm headed back home to finish up the senior photos!

So, what are your goals for this month??

xo, kass
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