October 1, 2012

October Goals

Every month I tend to write out a goal list...or at least I have been doing this for the past few months. Now, I never finish everything on the list (I have better intentions than actual follow through), but I always accomplish a few of the points. At the very least, it keeps me focused and helps me “wander” less (not that wandering is a bad thing!). I thought it might keep me even more accountable if I shared them with you. I do have the 27 before 28 list, but I think that’s too long term for me. I seem to do better with these month to months (although I have knocked some items off my big list!).


This month I'd like to...
+Make a maxi skirt
+Finish Elise’s & Zach’s senior portraits
+Take steps to get more photo gigs
+Make progress on Family Recipe book - aim for 50% finished
+Workout 3x a week [walk theo- maybe take a zumba class?!]
+Work on new photography and blogger logos
+Start holiday shopping (and saving for holiday shopping)
+Go to a pumpkin patch! …& carve pumpkins with Brian!
+Celebrate Halloween

For the record, I have the fabric for my skirt in the wash as we speak AND in a couple weekends I'm headed back home to finish up the senior photos!

So, what are your goals for this month??

xo, kass

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