October 23, 2012

Book Lovin' [part 1]

I think I’ve mentioned before that I use a site called Goodreads. If you’re a big reader, this is a great site. It has a great database and just helps you keep track of what you've read, what you did and didn't like and what books you might enjoy (recommendations). I also really enjoy the ratings system and other member’s reviews. Ultimately, if I really want to read a book I’m going to regardless of the reviews, but they often help in deciding what to read next.

Anyway, enough rambling. On this site they have this Reading Challenge thing where basically you set a goal of how many books you want to read in a year. You “log” in your books and it keeps track for you, telling you how far behind or ahead you are. Well, this year I set a goal of 15 books, which is either a lot or a little depending on how often you read. It was more than I've ever read in a year before (that I’m aware of), but still seemed attainable. Guess what? I reached my goal with a couple months to spare. :) Might sound silly, but I’m totally proud of myself.

So, are you curious what I've been reading? Sure ya are!

 Chaos Walking Series by Patrick Ness
*the three primary works.

Oh man, I don’t even know what to say about this series. I felt so up and down about it. Feel free to read my reviews, but I know there is a spoiler on the first one. Let me just say this about the first book, The Knife of Never Letting Go, I honestly have never felt so pissed off and angry after finishing a book. I was so angry that I wasn't planning on finishing the series, I even read two other books in the interim. I picked up the second book for two reasons 1) the two books I read in between sucked and 2) I figured if a writer could evoke such strong emotions from me then I should probably continue on. Ultimately, I think I’m glad I read the series, but I think another reviewer said it best when the whole book is basically about hope, but Ness never really gives us any. I honestly felt very hopeless while reading this series and often heard myself mumble, “damn, can’t he give these people a break?”.
Ha, so yea...read or don’t read, I don’t know. :/

 Sookie Stackhouse Series

Don’t waste your time on these. I am a big fan of the show (although, this past season wasn't my fav) and so I received these as a gift. I know I read the first two for sure and I’m pretty sure I started a third, but I just couldn't get into it. The show is leagues better...and the quality of writing in these books is low.

Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson

Okay, it took me starting the first book three separate times over the past year or two before I actually read it. I’m not going to lie, it’s slow going at first, but don’t give up! It’s totally worth it, promise! I’ll also say that Larsson’s writing is a bit overly detailed and wordy at time, but I just skimmed when I felt necessary. The stories have a nice flow and had me captivated. They build up to the pivoting parts where intense and exciting. The second book was my favorite and the third was easily my least favorite. Definitely read these!

Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Ross

First two books of the Divergent series, the third one is set to be out next year I think. If you liked Hunger Games, you’ll like these! It’s different, but the same. These are both easy, but exciting reads. There’s lots of action and a little young love, lol. Although, I often kept forgetting how young the characters were, because they often felt much older to me. Anyway, I’d recommend this to dystopian fans!

Okay, more on the rest later.  
xo, kass

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