August 8, 2012

Weddings & Weightloss

 [this photo sums up the night! :)]

Two weekends ago, Brian’s sister got married! It was an awesome weekend and an awesome wedding! I had a blast hanging out with Brian’s niece/nephew and many cousins! I don’t know, I have such a small family that it’s fun being accepted into a much larger one. And talking about being accepted, Megan (Brian’s sis) actually put me in several of the wedding photos. Maybe I’m reading into it too much, but you don’t just put some random girl in your wedding photos. WHICH is why being included in them made me feel pretty awesome. It’s nice to be considered family...and not some random girlfriend. :P

Okay, moving forward to a different topic. Last Monday, I hopped on the scale and closed my eyes. I was completely dreading its response, because every time we are gone for a weekend all our hard work goes down the shitter. However, most likely due to all the tennis playing between events AND crazy ass dancing at the reception I seem to have lost more weight. Go me!! I’m going to go ahead and let things get real honest and give you a peek into my weightloss journey. Why? Because many of us have some sort of “weight loss/get healthy” story and I think it’s nice to share and know you’re not alone. So...

[see, bone-y chicah.  This is from senior prom, 2003.  Yes, I wore camo to my prom...ha]

I was always thin. Not because I didn’t eat. I mean I was picky, but that had nothing to do with it. I’m guessing it had to do with genetics (mom is thin, brother is a stick!) and just being an active kid. Then I got older, moved out and had a horrible diet like many college kids...oh and add the beer/booze. Ha, All that + less activities + a handful of break ups (why do girls result to eating then??) + slowing metabolism = chubby girl. My highest weight came after college when I first moved away AWAY from home. It was horrible. I was used to being able to eat whatever the hell I wanted without any visible consequences. The food fairy’s had finally had enough. I think my worst was in 2008/09 and I was 168-170. Gah. I’m only 5’4”, so that was just not good.

[Left: August 2008 around my highest weight;  Right:  July 2012, eating healthy stirfry and "Glamping"!]

Finally, I joined Weight Watchers Online and it worked! I lost about 18-20 lbs and kept it off for about a year or so. Then I gained some back, for the next few years I sort of hovered around 150, give or take a couple lbs. Then this year I thought enough is enough and I’ve finally reached ONE of my goals. I weigh under 140 lbs. 139.5 to be exact, ha! It feels really good and is actually pretty motivating. My final goal weight is 130, but really at this point (since I am in my healthy BMI) I just want to tone up the flab! And I know I'm not "skinny", but I don't think I ever want to be super thin like I used to.  I feel like I look healthy, and it suits me just fine!

Anyway, just sharing. :) I have a pretty extensive “Fitness” folder on pinterest if you are needing ideas or motivation for yourself!

So what’s your story? Have any great workout routines or moves you want to share?? :)


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