March 13, 2012

27 before 28 Update :)

Since it’s been a few months, I thought it would be fun to take a minute or two and see how I’m coming on my 27 before 28. Then, I decided I would also share it with you...because I am indeed making some progress! Before I get to that though, I’ve made a couple mini goals for March! 

1. Run/Walk 35 miles. Now that I’ve done my jogging a few times, I think that may actually be low, but I do have shin splits, so who knows...

2. Do at least one of the artsy projects I’ve pinned!! {make a terrarium perhaps??} 

3. Work on my photography!!! Gah...maybe get Ch. 2 done of that book... 

Okay, on to the list....dun Dun DUN! 

1. Lose 15 lbs. - I’ve lost 5 lbs so far and kept it off! 

2. Exercise Regularly - January & February weren’t great, I exercised, but not regularly. I know it’s barely March, but I made a schedule and for the most part I’m sticking to it! 

3. Organize Crafts - Last month I cleaned up the room and re arranged furniture. At least guests can sleep in there now! 

4. Book 5 paying photo gigs. - My friend’s little sister has been inquiring about prices and such for her senior photos, so it’s a start! 

5. Save moolah! - I’m doing much better about this, but I still need to work at it. 

6. Do one craft project each month! - In January I made a 3 tiered jewelery tray and an apron from an old dress. In February I made some t shirt bracelets and some loooove coupons, lol. And I want to make a terrarium, so maybe that’ll be my March project! 

7. Read through and do all the assignments in my portrait photography book. - Gah, I’ve read chapter one, but that’s it. 

8. Move in with Brian. - We have been looking for a place since january, like checking daily and weekly...NOTHING! Living in the boonies sucks! 

9. Stop using credit card. - I think I’ve used it maybe 2 or 3 times this year...and only on gas. So, much better! 

10. Find the perfect modern retro coffee table. - This is on hold [sort of] until we find a place to live. Or at least until summer garage sales start! 

11. Stick with my blog, tell friends and family about it! - Well, I told my mom and grandma! :P And a couple friends just sort of found that’s progress, right? lol 

12. Get abs/flat stomach - My stomach “pouch” is diminishing slightly, lol. I’ve been doing ab work on my stability ball, love it! 

13. Go to the Badlands with Brian, or any vacay... - Well, IF we go it will be a summer thing. However, we’ve discussed saving our money for moving and just taking a nice vacation next year {like down to new orleans!}. We have too many other family and friend mini vacays planned already, haha! 

14. Work on Theo’s behavior. - Unfortunately, this is a downer. He was growling and snapping at the air and such, so he’s been to the vet a couple of times. Currently, he is on some anti-seizure medication (b/c the doc thinks it’s all mild seizure activity). Hopefully it helps! 

15. Try a new recipe once a month! - I definitely have this covered, a couple of my favorites are the Cheeseburger Soup and turkey cucumber roll ups

16. Donate my hair! - Not time yet! 

17. Be brave and get those Warby Parker frame you want! - Done! [photo?] 

18. Make a dress. - Not yet! 

19. “Re Make” Blog. Logo? Headers for DIY, Style, Recipes, etc. - I have some rough ideas, but have yet to execute them! 

20. Read 15 books. - I’ve read three! The first two in the Sookie Stackhouse series {meh} - the tv show True Blood is better! And The Knife of Never Letting go by Patrick Ness.  I'm on my 4th now!

21. Write more letters. Aim for once a month. {I believe I changed this one, from the original} - Have yet to write any letters. Wait not true, I wrote Brian a love letter for Valentines, middle school style! 

22. Go to a Wild game! - The Season is almost over and we are busy, probably not going to happen until next season {still before my birthday!} 

23. Celebrate 1 year with Brian - do something special! - We just did, it was March 1st! Went to this hole in the wall restaurant that has FANTASTIC food {Unkies in Thor} and he got me chocolates from a local shop. Yum! 

24. Train for a 5k. - I have started doing this twice, hoping I stick with it this time! 

25. Take a dance class with Brian! Salsa? Swing? - I can’t find any nearby!! 

26. Create a photo book. Theme: Iowa Barns - I have taken some photos for this! 

27. Purge all closets. - I’ve started on my bedroom closet! So there you have it. Only completely finished with a couple, but some are ongoing and hey, it’s only March! :)

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