March 29, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

I've seen this Awkward/Awesome Thursday thing on other blog, I hunted down the source {the daybook} and then linked up!  Sounds like fun! :)

yea, that's awkward....

-The girl at Hickory Park that was laughing so hard that she squealed...then us laughing so hard we were crying...then her table catching our before mentioned laugh frenzy.
-The teenagers that I thought were crying at a sad part in Hunger Games, but it turned out they were laughing.   yea.
-Trying to draw Florida in Draw didn't look right.  At all.
-Introducing myself and Brian to my mother's coworker and then her saying, yea I know who you are, I hear about you everyday! Haha! [I guess that's also kind of awesome...]
-Getting ourselves and Theo covered in burrs...and a few ticks.

-Finally finding a possible rental.  Pretty much the first one that will let me have Theo! Cross your fingers that it doesn't turn out to be a shack!
-Having dinner with my momma!  Instead of 4.5 hours away she was only 2!
-Starting back up my 5k training. 
-My new SPIbelt.  Seriously, if you run...this is an awesome accessory! It doesn't bounce around or anything and it's super small, but expands to fit your phone, keys, etc.
-Trying to concoct the perfect Moscow Mule on Saturday afternoon...along with the grilling and bags.
-Going Geo-caching and finding a really challenging one that was not in the correct place!

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