April 2, 2012

Music Monday: Flash Back

So, I was watching Bridesmaids Saturday night {great movie by the way!} and I was reminded of Wilson Phillips!  I loved that song "Hold On" when I was a kid!  So, for this week I thought I'd share a couple of my childhood favorites, haha!  Enjoy...

Try not to judge me too much for this one!  Not only did I love listening to Billy Ray...I thought he was a total hunk.  Remember, this was circa 1992 Billy.  What...a mullet and jean jacket doesn't say sexy too you? :P

you're welcome.

Who doesn't love Madonna?!  Okay plenty of people, even me now.  I mean I don't dislike her, but for me nothing she creates now can even compare to "Like A Prayer".  Seriously, I still have that on cassette tape!  I also believe there is some very embarrassing video of me doing an interpretive dance to it...please let me remind you this was like 1990 and I was about 6.  So be kind to 6-year old Kassie and enjoy some old-school Madoona.  :)

{for the record I find this video really strange...}

And because I teased you with it in the beginning and because it's a great 90's video [LOL]....Wilson Phillips!

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