April 18, 2012

Style Log: It's Only my Soul

{everything I’m wearing is old or thrifted, lol. I think the shoes are newer and from Kmart. :) }

“It’s only my soul, it’s only my heart, it’s only love” -Only Love, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Something about this skirt {or maybe the whole outfit} makes me feel like a "hippy".  Not in the 70s protesting and free love sort of way...but just in the I-feel-like-I should-be-running-through-fields-barefoot-and-possibly-knitting-something sort of way.  :P

Last weekend Brian & I went up to Minnesota for a wedding and visited with some of his family. It was lots of fun. Oh! And the wedding had dueling pianos for their music/entertainment! Isn’t that the coolest idea?? Not that I’m planning on a wedding anytime soon, but that is something I will put in the bat caves of my brain for “future reference”. They even played us some Al Green, so Brian & I got to dance to our song. :)

I’m also in a super great mood today! Why? I randomly checked their tour schedule and saw that one of my fav bands is playing nearby next friday!! I snatched up tickets right away and now will be seeing Grace Potter & the Nocturnals next weekend! Eeeeeeee! I’m so freaking excited, it’s ridiculous! AND it’s at a smaller venue, which makes it that much better. So, I’ve basically been rocking out to GP&N non stop this week. 

Oh one more random...my family will be up for a visit on Friday!!! That deserves another exclamation! Eeeeeee! I have lots of things to be happy about this week. And I hope you do too! 

Happy Wednesday!

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