April 19, 2012

Awkward/Awesome Thursday!

(me as a dorky child..I think that's a gourd next to me)

  • Omg, my monday was a real MONDAY (read: pain in the ass). I spent most of my working day research one stupid little problem. AND I dropped a huge book (like you find in the Recorder's office of a County - cuz that’s where I was, ha) on my foot! Luckily my big toe was up to the challenge. 
  • I called my boyfriend’s step mother by the wrong name...eek. That would probably be due to the martini incident you’ll see below... lol. 
  • I’ve been considering doing another remix challenge...gah, what is wrong with me? 
  • Not being able to sleep due to a super sore/scratchy throat. Argh, crabby Kassie definitely made an appearance this week. 
  • Burning my forehead this morning with my curling iron...and we’re talking like 2nd degree burn here. It blistered immediately and it was right before I had to leave for work. Luckily, my co workers were much less frantic than I and directed me the first aid kit that contained burn gel. Thank god! So, now I have a lovely bulls-eye (seriously that’s what it looks like) right in the middle of my forehead...but luckily I have nicely curled bangs to hide it. Ha! 

  • My family will be here tomorrow for a nice weekend visit!! 
  •  Last weekend we went to Minnesota for a wedding and also saw a lot of Brian’s family...and we even got to surprise his mom, it was a blast! 
  • On said MN weekend...I ordered a martini & apparently at this place they make a whole shakers worth for you. The waitress told me it would be about “3 shakes”...it ended up being 5 and then some. Which also was a bit awkward, but mostly awesome. 
  • I found some more great deals at the thrift store, including a like new pair of Banana Republic shorts...for 3 bucks!! First shorts I’ve bought in about 5 years... 
  • We bought tickets to see Grace Potter & the Nocturnals next Friday. Can I get an...Ooo La La! :D

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