November 17, 2011

#22 & #23 Bootie Love

I'm so lazy today, these two outfits look almost the exact same in these photos.  I promise in real life they don't!  Which is why it's best to take outfit photos while wearing the outfits!  However, since I am feeling exhausted and a bit sickly I ended up looking very frightening in the photos.

I do need to say that I love these booties!  I believe they are Worthington from JcPenny.  They are ridiculously comfortable, especially for heels!  On my work day outfit I just work them under my khakis and for my night out ensemble I tuck my jeans into them.  So versatile, eh?  :P

Speak of "eh" - anyone out there watch hockey?  I'm a fan and I'm a huge fan of the Minnesota Wild!  Which is why I'll now be leaving you to go cheer them on against the Avs.  GO WILD!

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