November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites: Spectacles!

If you haven't already noticed I'm one of the millions of people in the world who may have been called "four eyes" once or twice in their lives.  I've worn glasses [and/or contacts] since elementary school, so I'm pretty used to waking up and not being able to see as I hop out of bed.  I do have contacts, but for work I prefer to wear glasses [it helps with the computer screen stuff] and actually enjoy it.  I love picking out new fun frames and I have recently found an awesome site!  If you haven't been on Warby Parker yet, do it now [there's plenty of stuff for you perfect vision folks also!].  I'm seriously considering purchasing my next frames from there, so here are a few of my favorites courtesy of their Virtual Try-On Tool

The Thatcher

The Beckett                                               The Colton

I'd also like to say that they have this awesome Home Try On program where you choose 5 lenses to try on for home!  I will be participating in this as soon as they have the Sinclair available in the Burgundy Fade!

The Miles                                                The Sinclair

Right now I think that the Miles and the Sinclair are my favorites.  I feel like the other three [especially the Thatcher] dominate my face too much.  Your thoughts?

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