December 1, 2012

Found words...

Please take me into your arms
hold me until I struggle for release

don't release me.

I am yours forever.
I breathe in your love.
I drink in your lust.

take me as I am
take me as you please
I am desperate.

desperate for these miles to disappear
desperate to feel your lips on mine
desperate for your hands to roam my eager body

take me.

Kiss me hard
let our halves become one
and absorb me as I absorb you
don't leave me again lover
keep me forever.


I recently rediscovered my old DeviantArt account and I found this poem I wrote. Here's the thing, upon first reading it I thought ...I can't believe I wrote that. I was shocked at the ...intensity of it and, frankly, I think it's good, ha. I do know when I wrote it and who it was referencing. It makes me a bit sad, because at the time what I thought was passion, was really just intensity. I think that happens sometimes with love and desires. I wrestled with the idea of sharing this, because it does make me feel a little raw. It is a direct window into my mind and heart at that moment in my life. It makes me sorta feel like I just posted a nude photo of myself. HA! But, I'd like to tap into that sort of intense creativity again, because I feel like I've lost it. And on that note, I will share one more.


my mind relentlessly refuses my pleads.
focus. FOCUS! if only for a second.
I can't.
I give in.
my soul is wet with emotion.
I can't see       or breathe        or be
It's everything and it's nothing
at once.
my mind is paralyzed by a scream.
a scream from my own abused tongue.
oh god, i gasp for a new life.

what's next?


Hope you enjoyed my random Saturday post.

Have a good weekend. :)

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