November 30, 2012


This week we are going a bit more general, because sometimes I just want to share random things with you in top 5 list form.

Top 5 Favorite Pins this Week!
oh pinterest, how i love thee...

1. Here’s what’s up folks! Yea...we started “going paleo” a couple weeks ago. We’re great about it at home, not so much when we go out. :P (i know this is a long graphic and makes my blog post just that much longer, but it's worth it!)

2. Me want.

3. Love the words. Love the girl. (...Lana Del Rey)

4. Yea, I need this one too. I <3 giraffes!

5. Oh dear. Like I needed another tattoo idea. This is fantastic!

xo, kass 

Have a great freakin weekend!

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