May 14, 2012

Music Monday: The Toadies

I have to start out this post saying...I thought this band was broken up (the were for awhile), but apparently they got back together in 2006/2007 - well not all the original members, but still.  I literally JUST found this out.  Where the hell have I been?  I LOVED this band back in the day and still do.  Well, love their old music...I haven't listened to the new stuff, but you bet your ass I'm gonna!

Anyway, the lead singer, Todd Lewis, has a fantastically unique voice and I just love it.  If you've ever heard of the Toadies then you've probably heard the song Possum Kingdom, which yes is great, but I really love the song Tyler.  Now I won't lie to you and say the song isn't a little weird...people always ponder on what it's really about, but after some research I'm fairly certain it's about this window peeper/stalker that was in Tyler, Texas (which is near where the band is from).  Regardless, I still like this song.  The music is great and the lyrics make you think...and are kind of eerie.

Disclaimer:  I do not like this video.  The dude running around is hella distracting - and it's stupid.  BUT again, the song itself is great, so hit play and open facebook in another tab. :) 

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