February 9, 2012

Style Log: Hey Mama, Welcome to the Sixties! {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #9: The Purple Shirt Dress 
I’ve had this gal in my closet for years. I received her as a gift one year wore it a couple times, then it disappeared into the dark reaches of my small closet. The main reason I never wear it is a)the fit and b)I don’t know how to style the darn thing. 

{Turtleneck/thrifted :: Tunic/Kohl’s gifted :: Pants/Thrifted :: Shoes/Mossimo via Target} 
Everything I’m wearing is gifted or thrifted, woot! 

Initial Thoughts 
Does anyone else love the musical Hairspray? ‘Coz I do! I especially love the remake with John Travolta, sure it’s corny at times, but it’s fantastic and overall has a great message. Anyway, I looked in the mirror this morning and thought SIXTIES. Maybe you won’t see it, but I do. So then I attempted to style my hair appropriately. I feel like a retro housewife, haha. 

After Thoughts 
I really like this outfit. I absolutely love purple and yellow {er mustard?} together. The reason I haven’t worn this purple gal much in the past is because it’s hard for me to style. I honestly didn’t think it would look good with higher collared shirts, but I love it with this turtle neck! Plus, this shade of purple is just so pretty! 

Final Verdict
I’m definitely keeping this. I might get fashion block with it occasionally, but it’s an interesting and unique piece that deserves to be in my closet!

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