February 8, 2012

DIY: Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot

Is it just me or is the top knot crazy popular all the sudden? I had no idea there was even a name for this hair style until I read about it in the blog world. If your like me you’ve probably be sporting a “top knot” or what I like to call a messy bun since your pre teen years. While I do still love rocking the top knot {it’s a staple for my evenings and weekends} I like to spruce it up a bit for the work day. Enter the braided top knot! Just as easy and just as cute!

 1. Put a little bit of product in your hair. For example, some mousse or gel or pomade, but just a bit!. I find that it helps the braid from getting those lovely flyaways.

NOTE: If you want, tease your hair at this point {good idea if you have finer hair}. This will just make it look a little more messy and your hair won’t look like it’s pulled back as tight. I did not tease mine, as it’s thick and messy already. :P

2. Put your hair in a high pony tail. 

3. Put your ponytail into a braid. Don’t braid the hair too tightly, otherwise it will make it shorter and you won’t have as much to wrap. Secure the end with a hair band.

4. Twist the braid around the base of the pony tail and tuck the end of your braid under and into the center of the bun.  Sorry, I didn't get the best photos of this, but it's pretty easy.

5. Now secure this sucker with bobby pins. I only needed three, but use as many as you feel necessary. I would definitely secure the end of your braid and that little tail if it’s sticking up. Then I put in two more pins, one on each side...and VOILA! Incredibly easy right?! 
I like to add cute hair clips, like a flower, to the side of the bun. Just makes it a little more fun. :)

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