February 17, 2012

Recipe: Turkey Cucumber Rollups

I really need to be better about sharing my cooking and crafting adventures. Sometimes I just forget to take pictures, or I remember the pictures, but never get around to posting them! This is a super easy recipe that I found from Rachel Ray. <--so yea, this her genius, not mine. It’s so simple, but so yummy. AND HEALTHY.

You Need:
Tortillas {I get the La Tortilla High Fiber kind}
Cream Cheese, low fat {or get the neufatel cheese like me!}
Sliced Turkey

You Do:

1. Chop up your cucumber. How small is up to you. I chopped up half a large cucumber and it made 5 tortillas.

2. Mix the chopped cucumber and cream cheese together. I used about 4 oz of the cheese, but the amounts on the recipe are obviously forgiving. Just use as much or as little cucumber and/or cheese to get the consistency and taste to your liking.

3. Spread cucumber cheese mixture onto a tortilla, use about a spoonful or 2.

4. Layer the turkey on top of it all and then roll it up!

Super easy and super yummy! My favorite kind of recipe.

P.s. These are super quick to make and easy for lunch! In fact, I made, took photos and ate these, all over my lunch break! :D

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