February 14, 2012

I have to be honest...I generally kind of suck at doing nails.  Mainly, because I'm super impatient and never wait for them to dry properly and then they get all smudged up. I'm also have the horrible habit of biting and picking at my nails.  TMI?  Well at least it's the appropriate day to personal...maybe?

Anyway, here's a little tutorial on my nails for this day of love!

Clear base/top coat, pink &/or red polish, white nail art pen, file, clippers, buffer.

First do all your nail grooming.  I generally don't clip mine, because they're so short!  So I just file them and then smooth, buff and shine the tops.  Then I apply a nice base coat.  When using dark colors, like red, it's important to use a base coat!  Otherwise, it might stain your nails!

I painted mine nails pink and red alternating.  Then I did the opposite on the other hand.  So, my left thumb started with red, but my right thumb started with pink.  I saw a tip once that said paint your strong hand first {I'm right handed, so to pain my right hand first} and I find that it really does help!!

Now let your nails dry.  For a long time, make sure they are completely dry.  COMPLETELY!  Don't doubt me on this, because I didn't wait long enough and it caused denting and gooping problems!

Okay, now decorate your nails with your white nail pen.  Be sure your based coat is dry!!  Did I already say that? Joking, I know I did.  Seriously though, I think next time I may let them dry over night.
Once you get your heart designs on, let the white paint dry completely as well.  Then top it all off with a liberal top coat.  Voila!  Pretty Valentine's nails!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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