January 30, 2012

Style Log: Torn Faux Leather Dreams {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #4: White Sweater Dress
I’ve had this for quite a few years as well. I actually think it was a birthday gift one year. It’s really pretty and really warm. Even so, it made it into this challenge for two reasons. One, the length is an issue. It's not quite long enough to be a sweater dress, which is annoying to me. Two, I also feel a bit frumpy in it. The fit is a bit loose and it has a tendency to stretch throughout the day.

{Tank/Kohl’s :: Sweater/a.n.a. via Jc Penny :: Pants/LC via Kohl’s :: Boots/Merona via Target}


Initial Thoughts
It’s getting ridiculous right? How often I wear these pants and boots, I mean. I can’t help myself. I went online yesterday hoping to order more of these skinnies. NOPE. All sold out in my size,so sad. THEN, I went to put my favorite boots on and noticed the lining is all torn out from the cuff, argh! I think I may use some sewing glue to help them last a little longer. :)
I liked what looked back at me in the mirror this morning. The sweater feels a bit thick always, but cinching it with a belt really helps. As does pairing it with skinnies, because it’s definitely too short for leggings {at least for work!}.

After Thoughts
I like this sweater for the most part. It’s a bit heavy looking (and it is super warm!), but it looks nice with a belt. My only concern is it’s not super versatile, I feel like I can only wear it with skinnies. Also, because of the cowl neck I feel like I can’t wear a necklace or scarf. Although, maybe I could tie a scarf under the cowl for a pop of color? That could work. I’ve also always thought of pairing this with a flowy skirt.

Final Verdict
This isn't a favorite piece in my closet, but I do like it. Plus I’m starting to think of some other possibilities for styling it, so it definitely deserves to stick around. I feel like this belted sweater and skinnies look is sort of my lazy day fall back when I wake up late. Super easy!

xo, kassie

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