January 24, 2012

SL: Stripes & Spots {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #1: Old Navy Striped Sweater
Like I said in my introduction to this Challenge, I can’t really pin down why I don’t wear this sweater. The fit, the deep V, the stripes {that make me feel wide} are all possibilities. Anyway, here it is before the big, final decision!

Striped Shirt/Old Navy :: Teal Shirt/Rue 21 :: Pants/Worthington via Jc Penny :: Shoes/Maurice's

Initial thoughts {looking in the mirror this morning}
I felt only “okay” about this outfit in the mirror. I was running late and had laid this out the previous evening. I didn’t take the time for accessories or anything, other than my watch. It was also my first attempt at “pattern mixing”. Polka dots and stripes, not super brave, but brave for me. When I left the house I neither loved or hated this outfit, it just was.

After thoughts {after seeing the photos}
Looking at the photos all I can think is WIDE.  Seriously.  I mean I have no delusions, I'm not a twig...I a normal sized woman {or at least what I call normal}.  I'm beginning to think horizontal stripes are only friends to thin women.  I also think I wouldn't mind the horizontal stripes as much if the sweater was longer.  Maybe I would like it better with just a tank under it?

Final Verdict
I was still feeling on the fence about this sweater, but then I stopped and thought about the purpose of this challenge.  I don't love this sweater, so why should I keep it?  I doubt I'll ever wear it again.  I believe it will be making it's way back into my closet, but in the form of a tube scarf!  I'll be sure to post a DIY when I get it done.  :)

Well...what are your thoughts?

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