January 23, 2012

10 & Two Challenge

Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and commit to the Feathers & Freckles 10 and 2 Challenge.  Yep.  I have some things I definitely avoid, but I’m not sure why.  I think it’s because of fit it some instances, but I also think it’s because I feel like I can only style these pieces one way.  Well, I shall find out {with your input I hope}!  I do know that I won’t get this done in 2 weeks. First, I don’t do Style Posts everyday and I don’t plan to start. Second, I know there will be at least a couple days where I will wake up late and just try to get out the door, unconcerned with the challenge. I’ll aim to have it all done and posted within a month. :)

The Rules
  • Pick 10 items from your closet that you avoid or have never worn.
  • Wear at least one of those items every day for 2 weeks.
  • Take photos so you can see what other people were looking at all day.

The Players

1. Striped Sweater {Old Navy} - I’ve had this thing for years. At least since the beginning of college and I’ve maybe worn it 3 times. Seriously. I don’t know why I don’t wear it more. For awhile I didn’t wear it because I was much chubbier and I felt the horizontal stripes made me look even wider. Now, I don’t feel like that would be an issue. Maybe it’s the deep V-neck that’s stopping me? Either way, it’s a great sweater and is in great condition, so I need to figure out how to style it or toss it in the donate pile!

2. Purple Shirt Dress {On Sale, Kohl’s} - Okay, this was in my 30 for 30, but I haven’t worn it since then. Which, I think, really says something. There are lots of possible reasons why I don’t wear this. The fit for one. Also, I’m not sure about the length. Lastly, I never know how to style it. I can put a white button down under it, but that’s all I can think of. HELP PLEASE! I need ideas!

3. Grey Cardi {Kmart} - I bought this on impulse a couple years ago, because I had seen something similar on a girl in town and I liked it. However, I didn’t try it on {too big mabye} and I literally have NEVER worn it. So, this guy definitely deserves to be in this challenge. If I can’t find a way to style him that I like, then to the re purpose for DIY’s pile he goes!

4.  Patterned Dress Shirt {Kmart} - I bought this little number for $3 at Kmart! I have worn it a few times, but not for quite awhile. The times I have worn this has always been with leggings and black flats/heels. I’d like to find a different way to style it or something. I’m not sure. The length is an issue {way to short for just a dress} and I feel like it’s almost too snug for real pants or jeans.

5. Grey Skirt {On Sale, Kohl’s} - This was also in my 30 for 30 remix, but again I have not worn it since. It’s a great skirt, but I feel like it doesn’t quite fit properly. I bought it a couple years ago, so it is a size or two to big  Maybe that’s the problem? Maybe I just need to take it in a bit... I’ll wait and get your opinions.

6. White Sweater Dress {a.n.a. via Jc Penny} - I feel like I’m wearing a frumpy sack when I wear this. I try to belt it, but I still feel like I look preggo in it. Yet, it has remained in my closet for years. This is it’s last chance. If I don’t like it this time, well then it’s going to be salvaged into a great infinity scarf. :)

7.  Brown Skirt {thrifted} - This has also been sitting in my closet for years. I thrifted it when I got my first internship in college. I wore it every once in awhile, but I felt like I never had anything that matched it.  It didn't fit me for a couple of years, but it fits me now, so I need to work it into my wardrobe or send it back to thrift land!

8.  Brown Cardigan {thrifted} - I thrifted this a couple years ago and I’ve worn it once or twice. A button was missing, but I fixed that. I’m not sure why I never wear it, maybe it’s a bit snug? We’ll have to see.

9. Brown V-Neck Tee {Old Navy} - This shirt is nice enough, but I literally never wear it.  I'm not sure why.  Possibly because it has such a deep V-neck. 

10. Tan Button Down {On Sale, Kohl's} - There is nothing special about this shirt really, but I continue to keep it. I love button downs and I like the ruffle detailing, but I always end up feeling very cowgirl-ish when I wear it. Which is something I’m not super down with. I thought about trying to do some pattern mixing with it, but I’m terrified of pattern mixing. Can I wear plaid and floral together?

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