November 1, 2011

#11 Polka Dots & Boots

Holy cow, I didn’t even realize this. Yesterday was outfit #10 - that means I’m ⅓ done! Woot! Only 20 more outfits to go! Wait, no 19 more outfits!

It was supposed to get near 70 today, so I took advantage of that and wore a skirt with no tights. It wasn’t that warm, but I still survived. It’s Tuesday which means gym night, so I took some quickie photos over lunch. I would like to get out again, though as the curse of the midwest moves in [cold weather, wind, snow] I feel like I should try to find some warmer [indoor] places to take some photos.

This probably isn’t the best location in my house, but I thought it would be sort of fun with the Halloween decoration and all (but then I cropped them out for the most part, ha!). So, what’s the rule on Halloween decorations...can I leave them up until Thanksgiving. :P

Did anyone else dress up and/or pass out candy to the kiddos? Any particular cute/creative costumes?

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