October 31, 2011

#10 Teal & Bronze

Another boring one, my bad.  I actually wasn't planning on doing a 30 for 30 outfit this AM, becasue I was sooo tired.  Yet, somehow I surprised myself by even bothering to get dressed.  The party Saturday night went great and hopefully I'll have a post up on that soon!

At the moment, I'm handing out candy to the kids.  Theo isn't a fan because he's been banished to his kennel.  :(  Only 22 more minutes little guy!  While we are on the topic [sort of], the kids last year were so ridiculously horrible (like throwing tantrums on my front porch when I refused them another handful of candy!) that I almost didn't pass out candy this year.  I had a last minute change of heart and I'm glad I did.  There have been some major cuties in the crowd.  Although, message to the "big kid" (big as in age] - a zip up hoodie, jeans and sneakers is not a costume.  If you're going to trick or treat past an acceptable age you should at least make a small effort!  Oh wait, maybe he was supposed to be Donnie Darko?  :P

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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