October 26, 2011

#7 Got The Blues

[Top/Merona via Target, Blazer/iz byer via Kohl’s, Skirt/iz byer via Kohl’s , Tights/Selena Gomez via Kmart(lol!), Boots/Merona via Target]

I didn’t get good pictures of this outfit either! I went to the gym right after work and then I looked gross, so meh. I just don’t have the time to make a big fuss about getting pictures, although I wish I did. Maybe I’ll plan out my outfits for the week and just go take pictures all at once...is that cheating? Ha! Anyway, I wasn’t sure about the blueish-teal tights, but I went for it anyway. Go Bright Or Go Home! :P No one really said anything either way about this outfit, which generally means they think I’m crazy. That’s okay, it’s fun and colorful like me! I guess maybe I’m a little crazy too, so that works out.

I’m already getting outfit block and it’s only my 7th one! Yikes! Maybe I should have put more planning into my pieces? I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure. Oh well, I’ll keep trucking on!

Also, keep your eye’s peeled for a couple fun Halloween posts later this week! Best. Holiday. Ever.

What are your costume ideas?

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