October 25, 2011

#6 - Black & Brown

I remember a particular shopping excursion I had a few years back, and when I say a few years back, I mean l was a teenager [so like 10 yeras...yikes!]. I saw this black sweater that came with an attached brown belt. I thought it was cute and picked it up to try on - fully aware of the cardinal rule every young girl is taught: Don’t wear black AND brown together! I didn’t get two steps away from the rack when both shopping buddies all but tore said sweater out of my hands and put it back on the rack. This was a traumatizing experience. Still, over the years I have almost wore brown and black together, but then I am haunted by this memory and quickly change my outfit.

Not today my friends, not today. This brave woman, along with many others have restored my faith in the brown/black combo. I will wear it with pride, despite all stares of disgust and confusion.

This is all I have for this, no real photo, sorry. I know you are disappointed, but I swear I’m not coping out! I DID wear the outfit....last Friday. I even met up with family for lunch and they didn’t stare at me in disgust or confusion. In fact I received multiple compliments. So maybe this whole traumatizing event was just in my head? Or maybe it’s just that grandmothers always think their granddaughters look fantastic? :)

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