December 7, 2012

Top 5 Friday: Holiday Wishlist! :)

So, TWO present-giving holiday’s are coming up - Christmas and....MY BIRTHDAY! Okay, so technically my birthday isn’t a holiday...well not a nationally recognized one anyway. :P

So, here are my Top 5 Wants for this lovely gift-giving...and receiving season. :)

I have a secret - this has already been ordered!  Brian is giving it to me for my birthday!  It won't be here until Christmas, but that's okay!

This one & this one - for our bathroom!

I've been looking for one awhile now and I really love this one from Ruche!

like the bauble statement necklace shown here.  I also really love this giraffe one on etsy!

Last time we were in Des Moines, Brian bought me a shirt from this shop (love it!) and I saw this book.  I was already interested and then Meanz from Koi Story said it was good and so now I've decided I need it. :P

What's on your wishlist this year??

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