November 15, 2012

Style Log: I got the Periwinkles

[Lace Shirt/ F21 :: Dress/Modcloth :: Belt/Lucky :: Sweater Tights & Boots/Kmart]

What color is this dress? Blue? Purple? Periwinkle?
I’m a day late, but better late than never, eh? I wore this last week sometime - I should have taken the photos outside. BUT. There were people out back - like neighbors and such. It was getting dark already and I really wanted to change into my sweats, so you get to see my crazy bookcase. :)  Is it just me or does this outfit feel a, "country gal"?  Meh.

The chillier it gets the less I care about my clothes and the more I just want to be super, duper comfortable. D’ya feel me? Sigh, I know I should be able to pull off both, but bare arms and legs (even with tights) seems crazy right now. My body just needs to acclimate to the change - oh wait it can’t. Why? Because one day it’s 73° and the next it’s 36°. Mother Nature is crazy.

The Breakdown...
Lace Shirt $10
Dress $15 
Tights $6
Belt $10
Boots $25

Probably one of my more expensive outfits to date. It’s cool though, winter outfits will be more since I’m wearing more! I still did some good thrifty shopping there! Actually, I should take the “thrifty” out of that sentence. Sure, I found some good deals (that dress is another from Modcloth’s 70% off sale), but it’s all new, nothing actually thrifted.

And yea, I only have 3 pictures this week - seriously I had this stupid look on my face or crazy eyes in every photo. It was weird. HA.

Just for kicks enjoy this bonus photo of me...from when I was probably 3...or 5? I haven’t a clue. But it’s cute regardless! :P

xo, kassie

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