September 18, 2012

Dress Code Mahyem!

Ohmygosh, okay I’m probably beating a dead horse here, because I often mention my work/coworkers and their reaction to my clothing choices. This post is going to hover around that idea, but not drop on it. Lately at work there has been some drama about clothing and dress codes. I know I shouldn’t write about work, but none of this is any sort of secret and I’m not going to be naming names or hatin’ on anyone - just offering a few personal thoughts. Ha.

So, back story. A person has been dressing pretty casual (which is pretty typical at my work) and one day she wore shorts to work. Let it be known that she has wore shorts to work often over the past couple years, at least. Generally, she wears a tshirt with them or a nicer, but casual, top. Would I wear this ensemble to work? No, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in it. In my mind it’s not keeping with a professional image. However, it’s really a matter of personal opinion. Especially when handbook isn’t super precise and there is room for interpretation. I guess people had complained about her wardrobe in the past to her supervisor, who did nothing about it. This is where I feel bad for this woman.  Had her supervisor been honest and upfront with her none of this would be happening. Anyway, the powers that be aka. the Board of Supervisors happened to witness one of these outfits and apparently they were not happy, to say the least. I believe a formal complaint of sorts was filed. Her supervisor was supposed to deal with it, again he did not. So, his direct subordinate and my supervisor spoke with her. This week I’d say her apparel is more appropriate, but then another employee [that works in the same office as the first employee) wore a short skirt. Not super short, but mid thigh. She looked nice, but in light of the other employee some department heads decided to have a meeting and decide what should be done.

I never heard anything after that. There was talk of maybe just a memo or maybe changing the employee handbook, but nothing yet.  Either way, I’m a bit concerned- for selfish reasons. Which is awful I guess, but I enjoy my fashion freedom at work.  I dress modestly and appropriately, but I don’t want to be stifled by having to wear specific attire! I have a feeling they are going to comment on the length of things and the easiest and most logical thing to say is, at or below the knee. Not cool. I have plenty of items I bought specifically for work and they do not fall at the knee. I’d say they are within 2-4 inches of my knee and I think they are long enough and appropriate. If I think something is iffy I don’t wear it or I wear dark tights with it. As far as I know, no complaints have been lodged against me or my attire.

Here’s my question to you, well questions. I’m dealing with an office situation here, but I’m curious in general.  

Do you have a dress code at work or school? If so, how strict is it? Also, what length do you deem appropriate for work skirts and dresses?

For the record, I don’t really think any length of shorts are appropriate for work. Unless maybe you are rocking the dress shorts + tights combo - which doesn’t really fly in the rural midwest. :P

xo, kassie

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