July 18, 2012

Taboo Topics?

So, last week I was on that 20 Something Bloggers site. I haven’t been super active on it, but I am being a bit more so. Anyway, I was just skimming the forums and I found one thread about wanting to blog about certain things, but not being able to for various reasons. I found many of the responses very interesting and I have felt that way about certain topics (as I’m sure most other bloggers have as well).

Honestly, I think when you write a lifestyle blog...as opposed to a fashion or craft blog, you can “get away” with writing and talking about a lot more stuff, especially in the personal realm. But really, it all just depends on the person. Many of the people who responded to the thread didn’t write about certain topics because of who reads their blog - and this makes total sense to me. If you have family and friends reading your blog, then you definitely wouldn’t want to write a rant after having an argument with one of them or something. {and besides most people probably don't want to read that...unless it's awkwardly humorous somehow, lol} And..it also may make you not want to share too personal of topics. When it comes to sharing personal stuff, well...a) my family that reads this probably already know about it and b)the rest of my readers I have never met and thus don’t feel very shy about sharing (if that makes any sense). I feel like my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You post really comes into play with all this. Anyway, I guess it’s all about comfort level.

For example, I try really hard not to write about work too much [and by write I mean gripe]. I’d never know if a co-worker stumbled upon this blog and if I had a vent sesh about my job, well that could be bad news. I suppose also sharing personal information could end up badly/awkward if someone from my professional world read, but I’m not going to censor myself completely, so come what may! I also think that sometimes, I, and many other bloggers may put the kabosh on blogging about personal opinions about the state of our world, among other things.  I don't know why I censor myself there, because I feel pretty passionate about somethings - so I'm going to let my opinions out, in a kind and respectful manner (I hope!), because regardless I don't want to or intend to offend anyone.

Frankly, I like when bloggers share personal opinions or details about their life - even when they aren’t so happy details or opinions. When you read most blogs you get a very happy, very perfect looking snap shot of their life. While I don’t want to read 10 paragraphs of depression shit every day - I enjoy when bloggers are honest and “real” about their feelings and what’s going down in their lives. Because the truth is, our lives aren’t perfect and we all have bad days or crazy shit happening at one point or another, so I think it’s fine to share that. Plus, when I do read more intimate posts like that I feel like I actually know the writer a bit and I make more of a personal connection.

And why else do you blog if not to connect with people?

So what do you think - any topics that are too taboo for a blogger to tackle?

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