July 25, 2012

Style Log: Heat Wave & Floral Blouses

 [tank/thrifted, maurice's :: blouse/thrifted, route66 :: necklace/f21 :: slacks/idk, old :: shoes/jcpenny]

Holy heat wave. Ha, heat wave? No, full on crazy drought. If you live in the midwest with me, then you are most definitely feeling it too. Will it never end?! To be completely honest, I don’t really care for the normal heat of summer - but now. GAH. At least there is no humidity, thank you mother nature for sparing us some miserableness. This outfit is not heat friendly - in the least.

Here’s the story. I wore it a week ago, I sweated the entire workday and decided I would not post the pictures. Monday, I wore an adorable outfit - striped t and cute [new] green skirt. It started raining 10 minutes before I left and I wasn’t able to take photos [I wanted outside ones!]. So, I thought, I’ll take them after work. Nope, got a flippin stain on my new skirt. It did come out however, so I will wear the outfit again, just for you guys. :)

I decided to go ahead and post this, because I liked it and because these were taken in the AM, pre pit stains. Also, because I thrifted both shirts - sweet right? And just to be clear, in case I wasn’t already, I was hella hot [temperature, lol] in this outfit. Just ‘cuz shirts are gauzy and see-through does not necessarily mean they will keep you cool.

Lesson learned my friends, lesson learned. 


p.s. like my cool color-organized, pinterest-inspired book case?  these are the first photos of my new living quarters that you are seeing! :)

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