July 11, 2012

New Skillz

A bit of inspiration hit me...and I learned a new photoshop technique. See?

For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of opening an etsy shop. I’m just trying to get some stuff in order first. These are going to be one of the products offered. Right now I’m thinking I’ll do up a few of some famous people and some symbols and sayings, but I also want to offer custom digital watercolor portraits. ‘Cuz I think they are pretty sweet.

Anyway, I’m feeling excited and generous (& see an opportunity for possible mutual advertising) - so anybody want a free one?? It’ll just be a digital copy, but it will be a good resolution so you can print it out yourself if you like! (and obviously it won't have the watermark!)

Maybe this don’t look as cool as I think, ha! Just in case they do, I’m going to say free to the first 3 people that email me! :) There is just one catch...if you like it you just share it on your blog/twitter/facebook [whatever you have] and link back to me and my etsy shop (which will hopefully be up soon!).

Okay, so send an email to kassieART at gmail dot com with subject line “I love free shit!”...okay you don’t have to use that subject line, but make it something relevant! :P Then we will have a lovely email convo about what photo you want to use and what colors you’d like to see. And hopefully you’ll end up with some super sweet, custom art!

Happy Wednesday! 

xo, kass

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