June 13, 2012

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Hi ya'all, back from vacation!  Miss me?? So in my last post I promised that I would still be posting even though I was gone.  Oops!  Just didn't have time to set that up and the wifi/3G at the resort sucked, sorry!  But if you've been following my pinterest [@kassie_nichole] then you've been getting plenty of updates!  


While I was gone the lovely English over at Be Freckled (seriously us gingers flock to one another) nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thanks so much dear!  I think it's pretty cool and in order to accept this I need to nominate 15 other blogs and provide you all with 7 things you don't know about me.  The latter may be tough because I've been laying it all out there lately, but I'll do my best.
Without further ado here are the 15 blogs I'm nominating for the...
5.  Crescendo
6.  two birds
And here are 7 things you may or may not know about me!

Seven.  The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka haunts me.
For real.  I read this book once in high school (half assedly) and I have never forgot it.  Or never forgot the main detail anyway...that some dude woke up as an effin cockroach.  This is quite simply horrifying.  I will literally be sitting and thinking about something else, anything else and this book will creep into my head.  The image I most often see is of a cockroach lying [stuck] on its back in a small bed.  I honestly can not imagine anything worse than waking up as a cock roach.  Seriously, try me.

Six.  I've been engaged.
Yep, when I was 20.  The single worst thing I've ever done in my life is say "yes" when, even at that very moment of saying yes, I knew I should be saying "no".  For the record, I've never been married.  I came to my senses and called it all off (before much planning got done as well!).

Five.  I know a bit of German.
Not much though, I took it all through high school, but have forgotten most of it. Hmmm.  Ich bin sehr mude.  Ich liebe dich.  Ich spreche Deutsche, aber nicht so gut.  I don't even know if those are correct. Ha!

Four.  My full first name is Kassandra.
You probably knew that...or guessed it maybe? (<--obv this doesn't apply to people who've known me for years, ha) Whatever, I go by Kassie, Kass, Red, Ginger...etc.  Usually just Kassie though.  Also, just 'cuz I'm on the subject it's pronounced KassAndra not KassOndra.  And some more name trivia...apparently Kassandra is Greek and means something like "entangler/confuser of men." Haha, story of my life.

ThreeI joke around when I'm uncomfortable.
And basically, I just think people take life to seriously.  Shit happens, laugh about it.  BUT I think sometimes I laugh at inappropriate times or joke/make light of things that maybe I probably shouldn't.  Hey, it happens.

Two.  I'm a self diagnosed Claustrophobic.
Small rooms don't generally bother me, but just the idea of being trapped does.  Probably the weirdest example of this is seat belts.  I always wear my seat belt, because hey I want to live.  BUT, you know how sometimes they do that thing where the lock and you can't stretch them forward or whatever??  OMG.  I freakin' hate that and I totally spaz.  The thing is I know it's crazy to freak out - I mean seriously, what do I think is going to happen?  Still, I just can't help it, ugh.  Oh, and I hate spiders, BUT I don't think that's crazy.  Brown Recluse anyone?  Yea, exactly.

One.  I can not, for the life of me, carry a tune.
 Which is a total bummer 'cuz I like singing!  I used to be in choir in such...I wonder if I just sucked and didn't know it?! Ha!  AND I've been musical otherwise...piano and french horn.  You definitely have to be able to understand and hear pitches to play french horn, those things are a beast to tune.  But yea, can't sing.  Regardless, if you get me drunk enough I'm totally game for some off key karaoke!

So there ya go!  Nominee's be sure to let me know if you do your own post! :)
It's late here [11:45] and generally I would save this post for the morn, but I feel like posting it now.

xo, kass

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