June 6, 2012

Lost Passion? [style log]

Wet dreary days always leave me feeling contemplative...and calm. So last week we had such a day and I started to think of things I am passionate about, or tried to. I attempted to make a mental list and I’m sorry to say it wasn’t easy for me at all. Is that sad or what? I mean, I find lots of things interesting enough...but I wouldn’t call myself passionate about them.

I want to be passionate about photography, but am I? If I were, wouldn’t I find more time for it in my life? Or maybe I'm just overthinking it. I’m passionate about reading I think. I have a thirst for it. I enjoy reading immensely and I feel strange or off when I’m “in between” books or just lack the time to read. I think maybe I would like to write a book someday...about what? Who knows.

[sweater/f21 :: skirt/thrifted :: belt/f21 :: boots/merona via target}

I think I have a passion to be creative. To find creativity somehow. It’s hard though, most of my day I am surrounded by an environment that stifles me. I wish I could find a way to transform that somehow, but I haven’t a clue how. Maybe if I just start with my desk space and fill it with things I find inspiring or things that make me smile. I have pictures of loved ones, so that’s a start. I think I’m going to do more though. Wait . Wow, ok I literally just got an idea. I’ve been wanting to create more digital art, so maybe I should take some quotes I like and make some typography artwork...something like all those lovely quotes I find on pinterest. Yes, I think that sounds like a good idea. Then I can print a few and hang them around my desk.

I do think I am passionate about photography...and art in general. Just because I don’t always create things doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about it, right? Right. I mean, I don’t create music, but I’d call myself passionate about music. I couldn’t survive my day to day without it.

I know I said this not too long ago, but it’s important enough to say again. I want need to focus more on the people and things that bring me the most joy. I always put things off and procrastinate, but life is short, so why wait to start tomorrow when I can start today?

Ha, let’s just help I can hold myself to that thought.


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