June 28, 2012

Another Lovely Lady!

Morning All!  I have another swapper feature for you, enjoy!!

Krista is super sweet and super organized!  I strive to be organized [though I never am] and love reading her blog for great tips!  Besides that she's a great cook [yes I can tell ones cooking ability via pictures!] and she's a fellow Iowa blogger!  Check her out!

Hello there! I’m Krista and I blog at Crescendo. I blog about organization, coffee and yummy things! I believe in finding the beauty in daily life and taking every opportunity given. I have a crazy, busy life, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have a long distance boy and a beautiful 3 month old kitten that I have absolutely been loving this past month. Be sure to stop over and say ‘Hi!’

3 of my favorite blogs to read are A Beautiful Mess, Rockstar Diaries and IHeart Organizing

Thank you again for having me, Kassie! 
Happy Bloggin, Krista

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