May 29, 2012

Fallen Off

I fee like I sort of fell off the planet...the internet planet that is. I haven’t read anyone’s blogs since early last week, it feels so strange! In any case, the moving part is over, but now we just have to get me unpacked. I’ve made quite a bit of progress...the bedroom is pretty much done, the kitchen is totally done and Brian set up my computer while I was at work today. :) So, I will just keep going from room to room until it’s all unpacked! I have a few older a couple weeks ago older) outfits I can post this week, then hopefully my life will get unhectic and I can get some new shots. Until then, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple weeks.

Theo & his new hair do! // girlfriends up for a visit // comfy friday outfit
moscow mule //cappuccino martini! // Jello a hollow orange, thanks pinterest!
outfit deets // breakfast of champs // Brian & I moving my shit!
Theo & Tyler = BFFs // Night Bags! // hazy morning before moving
Dreamsicle = diet sunkist + malibu rum) // my sleepy boys // 1st packed lunch...and it matched my book!

Happy Monday Tuesday!!

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