April 26, 2012

Style Log: Red Abstract (three)

 {Shirt/thrifted :: Cardi/Kohl's :: Jeans/Lee :: Flats/Payless}

I know today is usually Awkward/Awesome Thursday, but this week has been a blur...so moving on.  I do have some Awesome's though, so I'll get to those in a few.  First, the outfit...super comfy and simple.  At first I wasn't sure about wearing red and purple together, but after seeing the photos I like it! 

Okay, some awesome's.  My family came up for a visit this past weekend!  That was pretty awesome, even thought the weather didn't cooperate.  And I have another awesome, but I just realized that I probably shouldn't say anything quite yet.  For real though, I should be able to tell you tomorrow.  It's pretty exciting...for me anyway. :P

xo, kass

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