April 30, 2012

Style Log: Lime & Navy Polka Dots...and big news(five)

{top/old navy :: cardi/thrifted :: pants/kohl's :: flats/payless}

 SO, I can finally tell you my good news!  
I'm moving in with Brian! :D

We've been looking for a place since forever (okay, since decemeber, but that's a long time!) and we've had zero luck.  First off there aren't a lot of options in small town USA and secondly I have a dog and people aren't to keen on having renters with pets...even though I'm an awesome tenant! That's actually the reason I couldn't mention this sooner, we were waiting for the okay on Theo.  Anyway, we crunched the numbers and it's actually cheaper if I just commute from his place...so that's what I'm going to do!
Now, the commute is going to be a bit rough (an hour), but it's not like an hour in traffic...it's an hour on a couple county black tops, lol.  I'm fine with the commute, but I've been getting a bit of judge-y reactions from people which is driving me CRAZY.  If you aren't going to be nice and/or supportive (or at least pretend to be), then just don't say anything at all!  For some reason, it's assumed I would like their opinion - when I would not.

Ack, this is getting negative.  Back to positive...Brian and I are taking the next step!
Yay for us!!  <3

Happy Monday

P.S. Oh by the by, did I mention that the Grace Potter & the Nocturnal's concert was AMAZING.  Cuz it was. :)

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