January 27, 2012

Style Log: Mustard Love {10 & 2 Challenge}

Misfit #3: Thrifted Brown Skirt
I’ve probably had this brown skirt for about 5 years. I thrifted it at this great shop back home when I was needing more “work” clothes. I wore it once or twice, then I put on weight and moved to my current job where the office attire is super casual. Many of my skirts have been neglected since I started this job. I also wasn’t sure what to wear it with in the past, which sounds so stupid. It’s a simple brown skirt, I know, but I just had so much trouble with it. I think I felt like I had to match with the pink and peach stitching detail. Silly me!

 {Sweater/Thrifted (but it’s Loft!) :: Skirt/Thrifted :: Tights/Kmart :: Boots/ Merona via Target} 

 See how crazy long my hair is getting?!

 Just chillin' with my pooch! :)

Initial Thoughts
I actually quite liked this outfit. I just threw it together last minute {per usual}, so I was quite happy with it. I absolutely love this sweater and it just fits so well with the skirt.

After Thoughts
Gah, I love the yellow and brown together. Plus, every time I wear this sweater (or yellow in general) people at work gush about how nice it looks on me! Who doesn’t love compliments? Okay, but this is about the skirt! I really like the shape and the fit, it’s flattering. It’s also very comfortable. I’ve already thought of a couple more ways to style this skirt (possibly with the shirt from yesterday??), so she will be seeing the outside of my closet more often! Please ignore the crooked belt.  I took these pictures at lunch and didn't have time to fix it.

Final Verdict
She’s a keeper! The material is a bit heavier (thus warmer!), so this skirt will be perfect for chillier months (ie. the majority of the year, ha)!

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