January 9, 2012

Health Report: Training

If you read my 27 before 28 post then you may remember that one of my items is to train for a 5k. Our local animal rescue {which I volunteer with} hosts one in April, so I’m tentatively aiming for that. It seems like an attainable goal, but competition in any form make me nervous, so I’m not sure I’ll actually do it.  I’ve always wanted to start jogging/running, so I am training for it regardless! I started last week and I thought I’d share my new workout plan with you. I’m using the 5k Your Way Rookie Running Training Program from SparkPeople.com and I just sort of tweaked it a bit to fit my schedule. 

Here's my weekly schedule.  I've stuck with it for the most part so far. I've gotten in my 3 5k training days anyway!

And here's the details on my 5k training workouts.  This is the program created by SparkPeople.com. I just created the fun graphic. :P

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