January 2, 2012

27 before 28 {resolutions}

27 before Twenty-Eight

My birthday was December 18th, so I decided to do this instead of New Year's Resolutions.  I like the idea of this better, because it feels more specific.  Instead of having a few broad ideas I have a list of specific things I'd like to accomplish this year.  On an important note, I borrowed this idea from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess {like every other blogger who has done this :P}

1. Lose 15 lbs {From 150 to 135}, keep it off.
2. Have a regular exercise routine!
3. Get my craft area/room organized.
4. Book and shoot 5 paying photo gigs {...this could be a long shot!}. Maybe just make it...photograph 10 new people!
5. Save $500 dollars. This might seem small, but I have a RIDICULOUSLY tight budget {because of stupid school loans} and I want it to be an amount that might, maybe, possibly be attainable.
6. Do at least one craft project each month!
7. Read through and do all the assignments in my portrait photography book.
8. Move in with Brian. :)
9. Stop using credit card and pay of ⅓ off balance.
10. Find the perfect modern retro coffee table.
11. Stick with my blog! Stop being a wimp and tell my friends and family about it.
12. Get abs/flat stomach.
13. Take a trip with Brian! {The Badlands?}
14. Work with Theo on behaving better. Get some training books or something. The barking and crabby attitude need to stop!
15. Try a new recipe once a month!
16. Grow out and then donate my hair! Do NOT color until donated! 
17. Be brave and get those “retro” frames you want! {warby parker}
18. Make a dress.
19. “Re Make” Blog. Logo? Headers for DIY, Style, Recipes, etc.
20. Read 15 books.
21. Take one “artistic” photo each week.
22. Go to a Wild game!
23. Celebrate 1 year with Brian - do something special!
24. Train for a 5k.
25. Take a dance class with Brian! Salsa? Swing?
26. Create a photo book. Theme: Iowa Barns [inspired by my grandmother]
27. Purge all closets. I have too much stuff.

Anyone else have resolutions of any sort?  Also, look for a holiday update later this week!

Happy Monday!

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