December 19, 2011

Health Report: Workout DVDs

I am sad to report that I’m not doing the greatest on my healthy eating and exercise. It’s so hard this time of year, but that’s no excuse. I used to go to the gym regularly, but I fell out of that habit and now just don’t really enjoy it. I do have a few at home DVDs that I really enjoy using, but I have to do just that...USE THEM! I am starting to get better about though, so here are a few of my favorites and one recommended to me by a good friend [who dropped 50lbs!].

10 Minute Solution: Pilates
I’ve had this dvd for a couple years and it continues to be tough[probably because I never stick with it]. Truth: Pilates is not easy, especially if you aren't in shape! What I love about this dvd is that there are 5 separate 10 minute workouts that target specific areas. It’s perfect for a busy schedule. The dvd also gives you the option to choose 3 to play consecutively, so that you then have a 30 minute workout. It’s pretty fast paced, but I think a beginner could still follow along.

Jillian Michael’s 6 week Six Pack
Now this is one that kicks your ass. Jillian Michaels is tough, but she produces results. I can’t say for sure if the title of this dvd is true, because I haven’t stuck with it that long. However, I think it could be true, because this dvd works you to your limit. The first couple times I went through it I couldn’t quite keep up and there were a couple moves that continue to be very tough for me. I would say this is not for beginners. You should have some familiarity with work out dvds before you even think of picking up this bad boy. I really plan on keeping up with this one, but doing the same dvd everyday bores the heck out of me, so I will often play music over the dvd after I have a grip on the moves. Just a friendly tip for you! :)

Dance Fitness for Beginners with MaDonna Grimes: African Beat - Latin Heat
I haven’t used this dvd as much, but it’s fun. The title says beginners, but I might say it’s more suited for advanced beginners or intermediates. I followed along with little trouble, but I have a pretty strong history in dance. The other two dvds I listed incorporate strength training, whereas this is just cardio. Which is fine, I like to do this one when my muscles are sore or if I just feel like a pick me up! If you don’t like working out or you think it’s boring this would be a good dvd for you!

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