November 14, 2011

#19 Monday Blahday

I was looking at the calendar...and this 30 for 30 has been going on for so long. I think I might double up on outfits to get it finished quicker. For instance, take an outfit from day to night, work to play, business to date night. That sort of thing is allowed right? Right!

I’m not really sure what to do about this outfit, plus I’ve got a bad case of the Monday’s! I’ll try the “doubling up” thing tomorrow.

On a side note...can someone please direct me on how to wear gold jewelery? I’ve never been a fan in the past, but every time I see my fav bloggers wear gold bracelets or necklaces I think it looks great! However, whenever I looks all wrong! Actually, I think I just need a lesson in accessorizing in general!

Bah, Mondays!

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